Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Loving the sunshine!

Today when we got home from school we were able to go outside and play, play, play!  I took the camera and snapped some photos of the kiddos.  We walked to the pond and they raced all the way around!  It was so funny, Luke said he won when actually he only ran one lap while Jolea ran 2 laps!  He is so silly.  We walked over to Memaw and Grandads to see them and the new ducks, and just enjoyed the afternoon.  I'm so glad it's finally warming up.  The weather here in Texas has just been horrible.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!

There is nothing like getting flowers from my baby boy!!


Michelle said...

Can I just say....JEALOUS! I am sooooooo ready for some spring weather and so are my kiddos. I am so tired of having to wear a coat everywhere! Yes, I have a lot to complain about LOL.

sarah said...

I feel like Texas finally realized that we aren't supposed to get freezing cold in teh middle of winter!


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