Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend/Birthday Recap!

Since Luke had such a bad virus Thursday and Friday, I decided to go ahead and cancel his birthday party on Saturday. He was feeling much better Saturday of course. I had already ordered the cake so we went ahead and cooked out, had birthday cake, and stayed home Saturday night. He's still asking when he is having his big birthday party, so I'm planning to reschedule a party for him and have the whole family out real soon.  Hopefully it will dry up and we can just do something here at home. 

Luke got a wii for his birthday and we had a blast playing it Saturday night. I'm actually a little sore from all the dancing! The game "Just Dance" is such a blast, and Jolea is actually pretty good at it! Here are a few pictures!

Luke Dancing to "who let the dogs out"!  It was hilarious!

Jolea doing the "lawnmower"!

This girl can move!

My sister bought this snake and paints for Luke for his birthday.  He loved it!!

These are his latest lego creations.  He got both of these for his birthday and had them put together the same day! 

I also wanted to add that I won a video camera from a blog giveaway!! I am so excited!  I won it over at Precious Cupcakes!  She has another giveaway going on right now so head on over and enter to win!


Avery's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Luke! That Wii looks like so much fun!

Unknown said...

Glad Luke is feeling better and he was able to celebrate!


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