Saturday, March 20, 2010

Prayers and Legos!

Well spring break has come to an end.  We had such a great week, and the weather was amazing.  Needless to say a cold front came in last night and brought us cold air, rain, and possible snow tonight.  Hopefully this will be the last cold weather to come through!   We are hoping for warm weather next weekend because my baby boy is turning 6 and we are having him a party on Saturday!  It's hard to believe he is getting so big!  Before I move on to the pictures I have a couple of prayer requests.  Please keep Nate Oxford, and also Walker Rainey in your prayers!  Both of these precious boys are fighting cancer.

Luke has been begging for legos, and I have been so reluctant in buying because I thought they would just be way to hard for him to put together.  Well surprise, surprise he was a champ at it.  He put these together without my help!  I was so shocked!  He's definitely his father's son.  So smart!
He first built a helicopter, then turned around and built this boat.  Amazing!


Unknown said...

yay for Luke and Legos and I prayed for the children with cancer. Thanks for your work in that area. I'm sure its healing!

Unknown said...

My boys love Legos too. I stopped and prayed for the boys with cancer and for their families too.

Thanks for following my blog!


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