Thursday, April 29, 2010


***The winner of the quilt was Cindy Murphey!***************************
Thanks to all who contributed to the scholarship!  I think we ended up raising close to $400!

I'm such a bad blogger lately!  Our schedule is just so busy in the spring with softball and practices.  Then when I get home in the evenings and have dinner, bathe kids, and get them to bed, I'm out of time.  A few evenings a week some friends and I get together and we walk.  Tonight we walked 5 miles!  I'm hoping to keep it up.  So far so good, and it seems to be helping me sleep better at night as well.  That's a big bonus. 

This weekend we are having our annual fox fest.  Brea is running in the 5k, and will also be in the parade with her fellow cheerleaders, and I will be selling some raffle tickets to raffle off a quilt that my mother made.  All the money from the tickets sold will go towards the Colt Crow scholarship.  The raffle tickets are $1.  So if your local get with me and buy some tickets. The quilt is beautiful and made with all St. Jude prints, so a percentage of the material cost is donated to the hospital as well.  Below is a few pictures of the quilt that my Mom took!  You can click on the pictures to enlarge it. The print is really cute.  I tried to get her to just let me have it, but she wouldn't go for it!    P.S......the picture of the cute little boy doesn't come with it!

You can barely see it, but if you look at the top of this picture you can see that she embroidered "In Memory of Joey Colt Crow; 2001-2004"

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Julie said...

What a beautiful quilt in honor of your beautiful boy!


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