Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So Handsome!

He's so handsome!  Luke's new found talent is swinging on these rings.  I'm so thankful that he can finally do it with his clothes on!  It has to be shorts though.  Luke just so happened to be outside in his underwear the other day ( we live way off the road and have no close neighbors) and realized that he could get his feet up and turn a flip on the rings.  Well for days we would get home and he would beg to go outside in his underwear.  He thought that he had to be in his underwear for this trick to take place.  I finally got him to try it in his shorts and low and behold he could do it!  I love this boy!!


Goodnight moon said...

What a cutie!!!! My kids are always running around in their undies. That is all they would wear if I let them!

I have to tell you, your such an amazing mommy! I can't imagine the heartache you live with each day. You are such a strong women!

Julie said...

Hilarious. Isn't it funny, the things boys do! I love em'!

Carrie said...

His is a cutie-patootie!

One day he will thank you for not taking (and posting!) this picture in his underwear!!

Unknown said...

so cute

Leslie Crow said...

So Cute!

Holly Renee said...

So funny. Glad you convinced him to wear the shorts. Ha!

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

gosh mom they might have been his lucky undies too! the shorts might take away the special powers the underwear has!
ha ha
he's too cute! don't you wish we could freeze them little!


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