Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring time! Finally!

Could todays weather get any better!  It was beautiful outside!!  I love days like this when I can get my kids out from in front of the TV or video games and send them outdoors!  We all may even have a little sunburn.  I'm out of sunscreen and if you know me, you know what a sunscreen freak I am.  Ha! Jolea even had her umbrella outside blocking the sun from her, hmm I wonder where she gets that?  :)

Speaking of Jolea, we took her Friday to see a new surgeon regarding her cleft lip and palate.  They plan to do surgery this month.  She has had two fistula's form since her palate surgery she had in Vietnam.  One of the fistula's is in her upper lip, and he wasn't real concerned about this one, but the other one is behind her teeth in the palate.  This one has to be fixed in order for the "big" surgery that she will have in a couple years to be successful.  We have already made one attempt to fix it last year, but since then it has reopened again.  This is the second attempt.  So please pray her surgery is a success this time around!  We also saw a speech therapist Friday who will be working with the school to make sure Jolea is working on what she needs, and we are ordering her a special box to place at her desk to help her hear the teacher until the hearing issues are resolved.  Needless to say, I was very happy with this new surgeon.  He was so informative and I finally believe we are in the right place!  Ok, enjoy the pictures now!!

This picture is just funny to me.  My husband is such a monkey sometimes.  This is where Brea gets it!!
He was actually working on our batting cage this afternoon.  The snow had pulled the poles over this winter!

Brea and her friend Kelsi.  These two definitely keep us entertained.  I love this picture of them!

My sweet Jolea.  She is always ready to pose for the camera!

It was a perfect day for 4-wheelin! 

Even Coop gets tired of the camera in his face!

Look at my boy ride!  I can't believe he's already big enough to ride by himself. 


Carrie said...

So sorry to hear about the fistulas (fistuli?). Hopefully the box will help the hearing ... I know that's half the battle.

Your picturs are *amazing* ... so sharp and crisp! Great job! ;)

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Hi Christie! I'm visiting from the blog party!

Here is mine

Nikki said...

I thought I would stop by from the party and say Hi. Hope you are enjoying the party. Stop by my site and enter into my giveaway; all I need is a comment. Have a great party.


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