Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fox Fest and the 5K!

This weekend was great!  Brea ran the 5K at the fox fest and came in 1st in her age group.  One of her good friends also ran and came in 2nd.  We were so proud of these two girls! Brea's time was 25:32....I think.  She actually ran the first two miles at 13 minutes, but tuckered out on the last mile up hill!  She finished strong though, and ran the entire 3.1 miles!  She loves to run though and has since she was very small.  Here are a few pictures from the day!


Carrie said...

Yea! How fun! Way to go, Brea!!

I still have a love/hate relationship with running, but I'm starting to like it more and more! ;)

Artist Terri Smith said...

Yay Brea! You go little sister! She made excellent time and I know she made her mom and dad so proud!

Hey Miss Christi..just making my blogrounds for the day and so glad I popped by to find this sweet posting. Watching your children experience such fun brings back the fondest memories of when my daughter was young. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

Blessings, Joy & Thursday Sunshine, Terri

Diana Ferguson said...

Way to go!!


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