Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last weeks events

The last few weeks of school are always busy ones!  It's a good thing though because otherwise it would drag by so slow!  Last week we had Lisa Jane Day, and track and field day.  Lisa is a little girl who is battling Leukemia, and this weekend her family and friends were walking the the Curesearch walk.  We held a fundraiser at school and raised money for her team.  Each class also made banners honoring a child with cancer and we held a parade in her honor.  Jolea and Luke's class banner won the first place trophy!

Friday we had track and field day, which is always a fun day!  Jolea and Luke had a great time, and were so excited about the races!  We had to go buy Luke some new fast shoes for the day, and both he and Jolea did great!

And last but not least, Saturday Brea's softball team played in the District 3 tournament.  They ended up bringing home the 3rd place trophy, which was a little disappointing considering they have a great team who could've won the championship.  They just didn't bring their A game that day.  It was pretty sad.  Brea struggled on the mound most of the day, but she did get in some great hits, including a home run!  We are going to the state tournament next month so we'll get em back then!

Didn't take my camera to the softball tournament due to too much dust!!! So i have no pictures from there! :(


Artist Terri Smith said...

Hi Christi. I'm making blog-rounds for the first time tonight in a long while. First let me say Congratulations on your great news from the previous post. Yay! I'm so excited for you! I can only imagine the joy you're experiencing right now. It's just absoulutely wonderful news!

Enjoyed your newest post as well. The photos were great and I so appreciate you sharing such happy times.

Hugs & Summer Sunshine From Georgia, Terri

Leslie Crow said...

Busy week! Lots of fun though. I just love the banner from Luke and Jolea's class. No one else ever had a chance.


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