Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beach Vacation!

Last Friday we left and headed to the coast.  Port Aransas to be specific.  We had such a great time.  Joey's Mom, and Frank were also there for the week.  The kids loved having them to play with, and Joey and I enjoyed having them with us as well.   We were also able to spend a couple of days with my best friend and her family.  They live near Corpus Christi. 

The week was a blast, we loved just relaxing on the beach, the boat rides, in the bay, and most of all the beach combing.  I think the kids loved hunting for shells, crabs, or whatever other treasures they found, the most.  Luke was stung by a jellyfish one day while swimming in the bay, but he handled it like a champ, and it didn't slow him down much at all.  Considering as sick as I've been, I did pretty good.  At least during the day.  I think I got sick every evening, but usually not until we were back at the house after dinner.  There was only one day that the kids couldn't get in the water, not due to oil, but due to the seaweed, and critters.  Tuesday so much seaweed was washing up, and it was bringing with it crabs, stingrays, scorpion fish, and also baby sharks were pretty abundant as well.  The kids enjoyed the day though just catching crabs, and fish.  We ended up leaving the beach and going out in the bay on Franks boat.  The kids could swim in the bay, plus the dolphin watching in the bay was amazing!

The kids loved the beach, but I have to say that no vacation can compare with Disney World, and we are all loving forward to going back soon.  In fact, as soon as I find good prices on our flights for next year I'm booking them!

Here are some pictures from the trip!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lazy Summer Days!

I'm so sorry my blog posts have been scarce lately.  I've just been so exhausted lately.  I rarely spend time on the computer, and haven't really taken many photos lately either.  I have been so sick with this pregnancy.  I think this has by far surpassed the other three as far as sickness and exhaustion are concerned.  You can usually find me hanging out around the toilet every evening!  I refuse to be one of those pregnant women who complain so I'm just taking it with a grain of salt, and actually I'm thanking God for it daily!  This is the only time in your life that sickness actually means "healthy."  Possum has no idea how bad Mommy feels, but this Mommy knows that because I'm sick.... Possum is as healthy as can be!  By the way, Luke is still stuck on "Possum." 

Brea's still playing softball for two teams, and should finish up the league season next week, but will continue playing tournaments.  She played two games tonight and they won both games!  The first was 12 to 2, and the second was 9 to 0.  She only had two walks in the first game, and ZERO in the second game!  She pitched both games!  I can't help but brag but she pitched a mean game tonight with two swollen, jammed fingers!! 

Speaking of summer, our days have been very lazy.  We usually spend the morning outside by the pool, then I fix the little ones lunch.  The last two days I have just put a movie in and the little ones watch a movie while I sneak in a little nap.  I've never been a napper, but there is some major baby making going on that wipes me out!  Brea is at basketball and volleyball camp all this week so there is no major fussing going on just yet. Which is so nice!  We'll see what next week brings!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Begins!

Today was the kids last day of school, and I finish up tomorrow.  We are looking forward to a very exciting summer this year.  In just a couple of weeks we will be leaving to go the coast for 8 days!  This will be our first vacation with Joey's Mom.  MaMaw and PaPa Frank will be heading to the coast with us.  We plan to do lots of boating, fishing, sand castle building, and just being beach bums for a week.  We will also get to spend some time with my best friend who lives down there.  I haven't seen her since Christmas, and she has a new baby that was just born that I can't wait to love on!  In August Joey and I will be flying to Baltimore.  It will be half business and half he and I time.  I'm pretty excited about that too!  There is lots I want to see there!  Other than those trips, that pretty much concludes our travel plans this summer.  The pregnancy has put a little damper on our plans for Disney.  We had a trip planned for December, but going to Disney nine months pregnant just didn't seem like a good idea. :)  Luckily we hadn't booked our airline yet!  Joey and I had airline miles to use, and I was price shopping for the kids tickets.  Anyhow, our (maybe) plan is to move the trip to June.  Luke will absolutely love it during star wars weekends!  The baby will be 5 months old which is the same age as Luke was when he went the first time.  We have a little while to decide before we change the dates!  I can't wait!

Here are a few pictures of my graduates! 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial weekend and Possum

We had a very fun filled weekend camping at Lake Cyprus Springs.  We spent the weekend doing some boating, jet skiing, swimming, floating, bike riding, and lots of eating!!  It was such a blast, and we definitely enjoyed the time away.  This is the last week of school for the kids and I and we are soooo excited.  Tomorrow, Jolea and Luke will graduate from Kindergarten!  Luke will going on to first grade next year while Jolea is going to stay behind and do one more year of kindergarten.  She is a very smart girl, but with all her surgeries, hearing issues, and speech issues, one more year will be a good thing for her.  She is very hard on herself and her teachers and I were afraid that 1st grade may be a little overwhelming to her right now.  If she fails at doing anything she tends to just shut down, and I really believe that next year with her being experienced and able to be the one ahead (the leader) she is really going to thrive!  It will also be good to have her separated from her brother.

Now for an update on baby Possum!  Yes, that is what Luke has decided to name the baby, with a little help from his Grandad. I went to the Dr. today and had another ultrasound, and wow has Possum grown!  The baby was moving and kicking all around. It was just amazing.  What a little miracle?!!  Breanna was able to go with me today and I was so thrilled that she got to see.  We were able to see little arms, kicking legs, and a strong little heart beating!  As for Mom, I was thrilled to learn that I hadn't gained any weight! Whoohoo!  I was a little nervous about it considering clothes aren't fitting anymore and after all that I ate this weekend.  The sickness is still going strong, that's probably why there was no weight gain.  He did give me some meds to help last week and most days the pills are like magic, but today....not so good.  That's all part of the miracle though! 

I didn't get many pictures from the lake so I'm not posting any from the weekend, but I do have a picture of a sweet little Possum!


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