Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lazy Summer Days!

I'm so sorry my blog posts have been scarce lately.  I've just been so exhausted lately.  I rarely spend time on the computer, and haven't really taken many photos lately either.  I have been so sick with this pregnancy.  I think this has by far surpassed the other three as far as sickness and exhaustion are concerned.  You can usually find me hanging out around the toilet every evening!  I refuse to be one of those pregnant women who complain so I'm just taking it with a grain of salt, and actually I'm thanking God for it daily!  This is the only time in your life that sickness actually means "healthy."  Possum has no idea how bad Mommy feels, but this Mommy knows that because I'm sick.... Possum is as healthy as can be!  By the way, Luke is still stuck on "Possum." 

Brea's still playing softball for two teams, and should finish up the league season next week, but will continue playing tournaments.  She played two games tonight and they won both games!  The first was 12 to 2, and the second was 9 to 0.  She only had two walks in the first game, and ZERO in the second game!  She pitched both games!  I can't help but brag but she pitched a mean game tonight with two swollen, jammed fingers!! 

Speaking of summer, our days have been very lazy.  We usually spend the morning outside by the pool, then I fix the little ones lunch.  The last two days I have just put a movie in and the little ones watch a movie while I sneak in a little nap.  I've never been a napper, but there is some major baby making going on that wipes me out!  Brea is at basketball and volleyball camp all this week so there is no major fussing going on just yet. Which is so nice!  We'll see what next week brings!


Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

ugh toilet hugging along w/total exhaustion = no fun!

what a blessing knowing that baby is growing inside.... :o)

Lavonda Pflug said...

Summer fun! It, along with the sickness will be over before you know it. Hang in there! Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

Kim said...

Just read a bit of your amazing story. I too have a child dancing in heaven - she left the earth at age three but God is good...all the time :)


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