Monday, July 12, 2010

15 weeks

The past couple of days have been tough ones for me.  I have just been so sick.  I honestly can't believe how bad this pregnancy is kicking my tail!  Sunday morning I felt great.  We got up and went to the early service at church.  We haven't been to church in several weeks because of the sick mornings and sleepless nights.  About lunch time I started getting sick and it lasted until my husband finally sent me to bed around 9.  I just want to say thank God for my husband and great friends that I vent on.  I don't know how they've seemed to put up with me lately. :)  Oh, and my poor kids....last night I think they were really concerned about me because after I went to bed I never heard a peep out of them.  They knew how sick I was.  I don't really know what set it off yesterday.  I didn't eat anything I thought was bad.  We grilled chicken, with vegetables and macaroni for dinner, and all I had were the vegetables.  I haven't really been able to eat much meat lately.  Even the thought of it makes me nauseous.  If I hadn't already had so many sonos I would swear I was having twins or something!! 

With all this sickness I'm am still thanking God everyday for this little miracle.  So many woman long to have children and can't.  Sometimes I feel so horrible for complaining because there are so many who would love to be in my shoes...sickness and all.  I am just so thankful!  I went to bed so sick and miserable last night I was in tears but still thanking God for this precious gift.

Here is a picture Brea took Saturday night with my iphone.  I was so hesitant about posting it but I want to make sure to document everything!  So don't laugh!!  You can see the bump!


Angie said...

I had 5 months of "All Day Sickness" when pregnant with my son...actually lost 6 lbs!

Niki said...

Show that beautiful bump girl!
you are beautiful! I hope you get some relief from being sick soon!!!!!

although i still say TWINS! the other one is hiding! Waiting to surprise you! :o)

Kristin said...

You bump is so cute. I just started to follow your blog. I look forward to keeping up with your pregnancy. I hope you start filling better. stop by sometime

Karrie Knight said...

i can relate to the sickness i'm prego with my 4th child and with this one i had horrible morning sickness ALL DAY ... i think the fact that i had 2 children in school made it really hard having to go go go all the time and not having much of a break during the day... and i also tried to remember what a blessing i have and should reallynot complain.. but it does make you feel a little better to share with someone else how you feel :) good luck hope it goes away
i'm at 33 weeks now and its better i still get it occasionally but not nearly as bad :)

Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

I'M SOOOO SORRRRRRRY you've been sick!

but ur bump is looking precious! glad we're doing this together!


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