Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

I've been such a bad blogger lately!  Not to mention my camera hasn't been getting much use either.  I'll just say it, I've been slacking on quite a bit lately!  :) This pregnancy is really kicking my tail, no exageration.  I had gotten to where I was feeling pretty good in the mornings, but usually very nauseous, and sick in the evenings.  But, the last few days, the morning sickness has shown it's ugly face again.  Isn't the second trimester supposed to be the good one?  My husband has been the greatest though, and is so helpful around the house.  Not only that, but he lets me rest, helps cook dinner, and will even let me have the bed to myself if I'm super tired so I can get a good nights sleep.  He is simply just the greatest!  I love him!

Because of my lack in blogging, I haven't mentioned that Jolea had surgery last week.  On Wednesday, she had another surgery to repair the fistula in her palate, and also some nasal surgery.  Her nose looks amazing!  She does have a stint in her nostril that has to stay for three weeks, but it still looks great!  We are hoping the repair on the fistula is a success this time around.  This is the second attempt to repair it.  I'll get some pictures of her soon and post them.  The bad part is that she is on a liquid diet for 10 days.  She is not happy about it either, but she's a champ!  She's loving all the ice cream, jello, and pudding though!

Now we did have a really great 4th of July weekend.  Joey took off work through Monday.  We went to his Granny's lakehouse on Saturday to visit her, and that evening we went to my Aunts house for dinner and fireworks.  They always have a huge spread and an awesome firework show.  Sunday we just layed around the house and then we had some friends over for dinner and fireworks.  Monday, we spent the day at the lake again with Joey's family.  The kids tubed and knee boarded, and we all had such a great time.  It was really a great weekend!  Here are a few pictures I snapped.  Not real good, but better than nothing!

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