Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lake fun and Brea's first softball tournament

I've been so behind on blogging and picture taking lately.  I was so sick and it has been so hot this summer, I rarely had my camera out!  Joey bought a boat a little over a month ago and we are loving it.  I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I do.  The kids love to ride the tube, and Joey and I enjoy watching them.  Its pretty funny!

Brea also had her first softball tournament last weekend.  This was their first tournament they played together, and they took 4th place.  They did really good.  She played 5 games on Saturday. We were there from 8:00am until about 9:00pm.  Not to mention it was 104 degrees!  I actually survived it too!  I did lose the ankles, but they returned a few days later.  The we got up and she played 3 more games on Sunday!!  It was a long exhausting weekend!

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Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

awwww i love her Breanna's Lil Sis shirt!!!


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