Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh my! Have we had some busy weeks!

Ok, so Brea is wearing us out!  Volleyball has started so we're running to those games and tournaments, she has at least 2 softball tournaments a month, she cheers for the middle school football team, takes a tumble class, she is in the church youth group, and helps with the nursery at church!  Her Daddy is really loving having to get up at 5:15 to have her to school by 6am for Volleyball and athletics.  Is it always gonna be like this?  Oh my, and what about when the rest of the kids start!  Just shoot me now! 

I'm in my 24th week now!  We are counting down the days, and can not wait to meet our little girl.  We have decided on a name as well.  Her name is Luci Colt. She is being named after her amazing big brother.  She is our little miracle girl.  The pregnancy is going wonderful.  She kicks and squirms all the time, and I'm loving it!  Luke feels her kick and he thinks she is ready to come out! 

The upstairs remodel is nearly finished.  They are painting tomorrow and then all that is left is laying the floors.  I'm hoping to be moving kids around very soon!

Sorry for such a long break in posts, but I'm usually too exhaused in the evenings to even look at the computer, not to mention the fact the we run Brea all over the countryside! Enjoy the pictures!

This is Brea's latest softball trophy!  I was thankful it is actually getting some kind of use other than collecting dust!  Luke loves this thing!!

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Lavonda Pflug said...

So glad your pregnancy is going well. Love the pics of your happy family!


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