Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today was a very productive day!  We finally moved all of Jolea's things upstairs to her new room.  So Luci officially has a room now!  It is empty, but at least she has one!  I'm hoping to get her furniture ordered this week.  I can't decide between black or white.  I was going with black, but after looking around, I'm kind of leaning towards the white now.  We'll see! 

Luke woke Joey and I up yesterday morning about 5am throwing up, and continued to throw up the majority of the day yesterday.  If he wasn't throwing up, he was crying with a headache.  I had never seen him so restless and whiney.  Finally, around 1:00, I was at my wits end and almost in tears myself.  I turned off all the phones and TVs, and took him into my room, lights out, and was able to get him to go to sleep.  He slept until almost 4:00!    When he woke up he was feeling so much better, and is finally back to his normal self today.  He even cleaned his room today which is amazing if you know Luke!

On a pregnancy note, I failed my glucose tolerance test!!  Since then, I've been checking my blood sugar several times a day.  It hasn't gone up too high anymore, but I did have a low today. I knew it was low before I checked it because I had broke out in a sweat, got that "faint" feeling, and actually got sick.  When I checked it, it was low, so I ate something sweet :)  My next Dr. visit is Tuesday, so we'll see what he says about these blood sugars!

My Sweet Luke :)

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Lennah and Delylah's mom said...

I have black for Lennah's room and white for Delylah's. We bought the black because as you recall Vietnam was mostly boys. We were really lucky that a lot of the baby bedding for girls had some black accents but once we converted the bed to a big girl bed it was difficult to find something to really go well with the black. I think once she is a lot bigger the older girly bedding will have lots of matches but at this age it is hard to match.


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