Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving was wonderful this year.  It started off Thursday at my parents for lunch.  We had a huge spread of all the traditional fixings.  I just love the Thanksgiving meals!  We had a cold front come through so the cold weather has been wonderful.  It was raining also on Thursday so the kids had to stay inside which wasn't so bad considering Luke is limited on his activity right now. 

I skipped out on the early morning shopping Friday.  Joey, the kids, and I headed out later that morning and hit Walmart and Target.  We actually picked up a few good deals while we were there!  We finished Thanksgiving celebrations Saturday afternoon with Joey's mother and family.  The food and family time was amazing this year!  Now Christmas is right around the corner!

I didn't take my camera with me to our parents this year.  I know, bad Mom, we just had so much going my camera always got left behind.  :(

I want to throw in a prayer request for Luke.  We went back to the Dr. Tuesday for his followup ct and he still has some bleeding in his brain.  His symptoms have also slowly started coming back.  He's having the double vision, some slight headaches, and a little grumpiness.  He goes back for another MRI on Wednesday so please pray for him.  We are hoping that his brain heals and his body will absorb the fluid and blood on it's own, but if that's not the case then he'll likely have surgery again.   We don't want him to have to go through another surgery, but if that's what it takes then that's what we'll do.  We are just ready for him to be back to his normal self and feeling great! 

Here are few pictures of the kids!  And by looking at Luke in these you would never imagine he had anything going on!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 34

Can you say miserable?  I think it just hit me overnight.  The last week I've had an awful head cold, and cough.  Antibiotics didn't work. :(  The only thing that seems to remotely help is Vicks.  I've been rubbing that stuff all over my chest at night, putting it in a vaporizer, and taking a bath with the Johnsons vapor bath.  I just want to breathe!  I remember being pregnant with Breanna at this same time of year and I think I went into labor with a head cold.  I'm getting bigger by the day also, and most of my family doesn't hesitate to tell me.  It doesn't bother me a bit, this little girl is putting on some weight.  The bigger we get the harder it is for Mommy to get around.  You should see me try to roll over in the bed or get up.  It is pretty hilarious.  And bending over...well lets just say it's quite a sight as well.  The hip pain still lingers.  I can't even stand with my weight on one leg or I get a cramp.  I'm thinking she'll be here before Christmas.  Just by the things that are going on with my body, I'm really thinking mid December.  Or that may be wishful thinking! :) 

My appointment today went great although I did gain a pound from last week so the weight gain is up to 18!  My blood sugars were not too bad so he is keeping me on the same dose of medication.  Next week I'll start the non stress tests, and those will continue until I deliver.  I went and preregistered at the hospital today too so I'm all set for delivery! 

As for an update on Luke, he is doing amazing.  We've had so many people comment on his energy level, his happiness, his speech, his reading, and more!  He is just feeling so good, and has a very hard time controlling it!  He can't even control his laughter at times.  He still tries to give me a hard time sometimes, but I'm getting a little better.  He has slept in his bed by himself two nights in a row!  Joey wasn't sure if I was ever gonna let him back in our bed!  I'm just a little overly cautious ;).  I even let Joey take him deer hunting this last weekend, and Luke shot his first deer.  I wish I could've gone, but the drive is way too long, and I've had this awful cold.  He was so excited, and still is!  Joey and I just sit back in awe lately.  We can't believe how full of energy he is.  It's just hard to believe that the little boy smiling so big in these pictures just had brain surgery a week ago!  God is so good!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

32 weeks

I can't believe it is November already!  Christmas is right around the corner, then Luci will be here!

Luke and I went back to school today.  I worked all day, but Luke only stayed until around 10:30.  His Doctors are only going to let him do half days until his next ct scan which is at the end of the month.  He needs a little more down time during the time to heal, plus they want to see what the cyst is doing before they release him to go all day.  He is feeling so go and hasn't had any symptoms (headaches, double vision, etc..) so we are confident that things are going as planned.  Trying to make him slow down is the hard part.  He hasn't felt this good in so long that he is a wild man.  The turkey will even pretend he's falling just to make me crazy.  Such the comedian huh?

I also had my 32 week appointment today! Luci is doing great!  My blood sugars are still not where he wants to see them so he ended up putting me on medicine.  Not what I wanted to hear, but whatever is best for Miss Luci.  He also changed my visits to weekly now to monitor things a little closer, and in a couple weeks he's going to start monitoring the baby every week.  When I go in they'll hook me up to the fetal monitors for about 20 minutes just to monitor Luci, and this will continue until delivery.  Fun Fun!  I gained 3 pounds this month!  Which brings the total to 17! Ouch.  I'm starting to swell a little too so in the afternoons my weight is a little higher. :) 

Here are a couple of pictures of our other two cuties in the house!

Breanna cracks me up when she wears these pants!  They are a 4T!  I've tried so many times to give them away but she pulls them out of the pile everytime!  She loves them!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Unexpected Circumstances...

We've had an exhausting week.  Back in September, Luke collided with another little boy in PE causing him to fall and hit his head on the gym floor.  That night we took him to the ER due to a severe headache.  They did a CT scan and saw nothing abnormal except for the fact that he had an arachnoid cyst on his brain.  An arachnoid cyst is simply a cyst that he was apparently born with and they are usually asymptomatic.  Well, after that day he has continued to complain of headaches off and on, had been very sleepy and irritable.  We were just told it was just post concussion issues.  This whole time, Joey and I have just had a very uneasy feeling.  Well last Friday, Luke came home from school complaining of seeing double and continued to do so throughout the weekend.  Monday, I called his Dr. and Joey took him in.  From there they sent him to an opthomologist who noticed swelling behind his eyes.  He then sent Luke to Children's Medical Center, and that is where Luke has spent the last 6 days.  Apparently the fall he took in PE caused the cyst to rupture and it has been leaking since causing some major intracranial pressure.  He had surgery Wednesday and they placed a drain inside to drain the fluid surrounding his brain.  The drain was removed yesterday and thankfully everything looked good so he was able to come home today!

Let me just say it has been an emotionally, and physically tough week.  I'd like to say I was at peace the whole time knowing all would turn out ok, but I'd be lying.  I was worried sick, then when we found out exactly what it was, honestly it was complete relief.  I know it sounds crazy to feel relief about your son having brain surgery, but when you're used to getting worse news, this was nothing! 

As for Luke, he is doing great.  I've been a nervous wreck all day, but he's fine.  I'm sure he's sick of me yelling "Luke quit running, quit jumping, WALK!", "No Luke, your not going up and down the stairs", "Why don't you rest and take a break", "Luke! Be careful!",  "Luke, let me check your head", "No, your not going outside", and so on , and so on!  I can't help it though!  I can't take my eyes off of him!  He's not allowed any strenous activities or anything where he is at risk of head injury.  Well, in my eyes, that's everything!  I'm sure I'll relax several months or years from now, or maybe not, but for now this is just how it is. 

I'm sure I blew my 1800 calorie diet this week, and Luci has probably packed on the pounds.  I actually haven't checked my BS either.  So bad, I know.  She's perfectly fine though, and packing a pretty powerful punch these days! 

Anyhow, please keep Luke in your prayers.  He's still got alot of recovering to do in the next several months along with some close monitoring including scans.  And mothers, let me just say, always go with your instinct!


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