Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 34

Can you say miserable?  I think it just hit me overnight.  The last week I've had an awful head cold, and cough.  Antibiotics didn't work. :(  The only thing that seems to remotely help is Vicks.  I've been rubbing that stuff all over my chest at night, putting it in a vaporizer, and taking a bath with the Johnsons vapor bath.  I just want to breathe!  I remember being pregnant with Breanna at this same time of year and I think I went into labor with a head cold.  I'm getting bigger by the day also, and most of my family doesn't hesitate to tell me.  It doesn't bother me a bit, this little girl is putting on some weight.  The bigger we get the harder it is for Mommy to get around.  You should see me try to roll over in the bed or get up.  It is pretty hilarious.  And bending over...well lets just say it's quite a sight as well.  The hip pain still lingers.  I can't even stand with my weight on one leg or I get a cramp.  I'm thinking she'll be here before Christmas.  Just by the things that are going on with my body, I'm really thinking mid December.  Or that may be wishful thinking! :) 

My appointment today went great although I did gain a pound from last week so the weight gain is up to 18!  My blood sugars were not too bad so he is keeping me on the same dose of medication.  Next week I'll start the non stress tests, and those will continue until I deliver.  I went and preregistered at the hospital today too so I'm all set for delivery! 

As for an update on Luke, he is doing amazing.  We've had so many people comment on his energy level, his happiness, his speech, his reading, and more!  He is just feeling so good, and has a very hard time controlling it!  He can't even control his laughter at times.  He still tries to give me a hard time sometimes, but I'm getting a little better.  He has slept in his bed by himself two nights in a row!  Joey wasn't sure if I was ever gonna let him back in our bed!  I'm just a little overly cautious ;).  I even let Joey take him deer hunting this last weekend, and Luke shot his first deer.  I wish I could've gone, but the drive is way too long, and I've had this awful cold.  He was so excited, and still is!  Joey and I just sit back in awe lately.  We can't believe how full of energy he is.  It's just hard to believe that the little boy smiling so big in these pictures just had brain surgery a week ago!  God is so good!

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Raeanne said...

That is so great to hear about Luke and girl I know exactly what you mean about the pregnancy! I literally had to have Dale roll me out of bed a few times and I only gained 18lbs!! Oh and I know we have talked about the hip pain and I hate to tell you but mine still hasn't gone away....Good Luck!!


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