Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Almost There!!

I had my last prenatal visit today. Luci passed her NST within the first five minutes like always. I am scheduled to go in the hospital tomorrow at 10:00 to start the induction. I'll be getting cytotec overnight, which I'm really glad about. I'm hoping that will make for an easier labor on Thursday. We are so ready to meet our little girl, and have her here for Christmas! I was able to find a little something for her to wear for Christmas. Most of everything was picked over in her tiny size. My mother bought her a little baby's first Christmas stocking and embroidered her name on it also. I think she's all set! Now let's just get her here! We'll be coming home from the hospital on Christmas eve, so Christmas is going to be really low key for us this year. I'm a little sad that we won't get to see all of our family, but I'm also excited to be able to just stay home and soak up all the time with my family and celebrate all the we've been blessed with this past year. We plan to try to make it to our parents houses, but that may be the only places we go this year.  No hustle and bustle for us.  I'll also be able to relax and not have to worry about Luke being to rowdy!

Speaking of Luke, he is doing amazing.  His MRI from the hospital showed no more bleeding, and the cyst had shrunk.  So, praise God for that!  Right now we just watch and wait, and he'll be having his next scan in a few weeks.  He's had no headaches in almost a week, and no vision problems.  His incisions are still healing, and he's got a little swelling still so we are pretty cautious still about getting him out and around crowds.  It's best he's not around people who are sick, until the skull is healed over.  He's also got a long list of restrictions for a while.  He's still at risk for head injury and bleeding risk, and has to be very careful of falling, bumping his head, and can have no impact.  I have finally started letting him go up and down the stairs, but he crawls up and comes down on his bottom.  He also has to let us know when he's coming down so we can watch him.  We aren't sure how long he'll be restricted by the Drs.  Some restrictions will be lifelong, but most will not be.  As long as he can shoot a rifle and crossbow, he'll be alright!

I'm lacking on the photos still, but here are a few!

 Doesn't he look great?!!

 Such a ham!!

 He's decided he wants to be a brain surgeon........
 Merry Christmas!!

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Lennah and Delylah's mom said...

I will keep you in my prayers tonight for a smooth delivery. I cannot wait to see pics. Merry Christmas it sounds like you guys have a lot to celebrate this year.


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