Monday, December 6, 2010


Oh my goodness what a crazy few months we've had!  It is finally December, and we are going to have a baby this month!  Only 3 more weeks!!  I went in for my appointment today and Luci passed her stress test within the first 5 minutes so I didn't have to stay on the monitors too long.  My girl is still breech though.  If she doesn't turn by next weeks appointment Dr. T is going to do an ECV which is a procedure where he will manually manipulate the baby into a head down position.  Sounds crazy huh?  I do not want to do a C-section so I'm all for it!  I'm staying positive though and hoping she's going to be in position by next week.  We aren't doing cervical checks yet, which is ok with me.  We'll start next week after all this is over with Luke.  I'm a little curious to know if I've made any progress, but I also don't want any exam to bring on labor, especially since she is breech, and also because we'll be at the hospital with Luke this week.

Luke goes in for surgery this week again.  The arachnoid cyst on his brain is still under a lot of pressure.  He actually had 3+ edema on his optic nerve.  If your in the medical field you know how much swelling that is!  They started him on a steroid last week which has obviously decreased that swelling because he has felt great the last few days, and has had very little double vision.  Tomorrow he goes in for another MRI to have his brain mapped out.  The surgery they are doing is just amazing, and the operating room will be set up like a GPS.  It almost sounds like something you would hear on TV.  They are doing a fenestration on the cyst to keep it from building up pressure again.  I'm so excited to know that my baby boy will be free of this pressure soon.  It's a possibility that he's had some pressure from this cyst for several years or most of his life.  After looking back, I can even pinpoint some obvious signs myself.  If only we had known.  Our God just works in mysterious ways, and if it took this head injury to reveal this thing then I can't regret that. Luke will spend one night in ICU and hopefully will come home shortly after that.  The hard part comes after surgery when he's feeling so great.  We have to keep him from doing much to allow for healing and no complications.  That is so hard with him!  I'll keep him in a bubble for some time I'm sure.  I think this has been harder on me than him!  It's just so hard to see your babies go through something like this.  I've seen behaviors in Luke that are so out of character that it's brought me to tears.  Most of them due to the medication, but it still breaks my heart.  I'm so ready for him to be free of all this!  Please keep him in your prayers, and pray that Luci turns, but stays put a little longer!

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