Saturday, December 11, 2010

Luke's Home!

Luke went in for surgery Wednesday for fenestration of the cyst on his brain, and also to drain a subdural hematoma from the head injury he suffered back in September.  The has been a crazy few months.  To say we've been overwhelmed is an understatement.  Trying to manage work, pregnancy, 3 kids, plus one in a bubble has been tough! 

This surgery was much tougher on my little guy than the first one.  The surgery was much longer (5 hours), the pain and swelling was worse also, and when you have a stubborn child who would rather sit in pain than taste the horrible pain medicine, we have a problem.  He was not so cooperative this time.  He fought that medicine tooth and nail.  A few times I had to just leave the room, but could still here the screams coming from his room.  Now that he's home he has his bubble gum flavored tylenol and will also take the stronger pills they gave him with no problem.  After experiencing the same issue with Colt, we know that taking medicine is sometimes the only control the kids in the hospital have and so they will fight to keep that control.  And Luke did absolutely that! 

Luke is still having a little pain, but it's definitely getting better.  We can tell that the pressure and swelling is down as well. His double vision is improving.  We are so thankful this is done and we can move on the Christmas and preparing for Luci.  Luci will be here in about 2-3 weeks!  If she decides to come sooner that's even better! 

 This is Luke right after surgery.  He pretty much slept the entire rest of the day on Wednesday.

 Thursday, Luke finally started to sit up some and play.  He still wasn't talking much due to the pain.  Brea came over with me that day to help because Joey had to go to work for a while.  She was the best medicine for him!

 There actually wasn't much smiling going on, but when he saw me taking a picture he squeezed one out!

Here he is headed down yesterday morning for his MRI.  Such a big boy!

I'm so glad he's home!!!!!

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