Monday, January 10, 2011

2 weeks old!

My sweet Luci!  Your already two weeks old!  Luci you are changing so quickly so that's why I'm updating again this week.  This week you have started to focus on us with your eyes.  You are already so inquisitive and I just talk to you all the time.  You've started sleeping a little better at night.  I usually feed you around 10:00, you wake up around 2am or 3, then you sleep until early morning.  Although sometimes you tend to want to stay awake for awhile at night.  I often don't mind though.  I could sit and rock you all night.  You will just lie in my arms with your head rested on my chest, wide awake.  I've started reading you the bible.  Right now we are reading about some of the amazing women of the bible.  We've already read Ruth, and we've started Esther.  You just sit so quiet and listen.  I love every minute of it, and I think you do too.  You are still a tiny little thing, but are now finally gaining weight and eating well.  These first two weeks were quite rough as far as breastfeeding goes.  I think I'd forgotten how difficult it was.  You were a very sleepy baby your first two weeks.  The sleepiness and the jaundice put a little damper on your eating and weight gain.  Well, your Mom stuck it out, when I often wanted to give up.  I knew it was best for you Luci goose, and I'm hoping it's smooth sailing from here!  Your still eating about every two to three hours during the day, and at night you stretch it to about 4.  Your such a good baby.  Your brother and sisters are still head over heals in love with you.  The fighting over you has quieted down, but they would still hold you all day if I let them.  Your brother went back to school last week, and it's been pretty difficult for him to leave you everyday.  It's much like the relationship between Colt and Luke when Luke was born.  Colt didn't want Luke out of his sight, and that's how Luke is with you.  You are one loved little girl!

Is this not the sweetest smile?!  I wonder what she's dreaming about!


Raeanne said...

Absolutely precious!! Glad to hear feeding is going better! Even though Kelsee is only 4 months old it already seems like forever ago since she was this age! Luci and her have alot in common...similar schedules, K and B still don't want to leave her for school and she STILL will just lay on my chest and stare!! LOVE IT!!

Rachel Hopkins said...

The first time I saw her, was just a couple months ago! (Today is April 10!) She was SO soft and SOO cute and now she is all grown up! (But still cute! :)) I wish I could see her more often!!


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