Monday, January 31, 2011

A month of birthdays

We've had a month of birthdays!  Earlier in the month Breanna turned 13 years old.  Finally a teenager!  Jolea turned 7 years old today!  She is now officially older than Luke for about 2 months, and boy does she rub it in! 

Brea decided not to have a birthday party this year, and opted for extra money instead.  She's had her heart set on getting a netbook for a while and she finally had saved enough money.  Jolea had a pinkalicious party at the house on Saturday.  She and all her cousins dressed in their tutus.  It was pretty fun.  I made pink cupcakes, and decorated everything in pink.  After going to chuck e cheese the last few years I'd forgotten how much work it was to throw a party!  I enjoyed doing all the work myself though, and was quite proud of myself! 

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