Saturday, April 16, 2011

The strep monster!

I'm now in my 3rd week bact to work, and let me tell you it has not been easy.  Can you traumatize a 3 month old going back to work?  If so, I think I have!

My sweet Luci has just not been herself since I started back to work.  Soon after I came back she quit sleeping through the night.  Not only was she not sleeping through the night, but she wasn't napping during the day either!  She also had broken out in a rash on her stomach and arms.  The rash would come and go, and it is not uncommon for infants to get rashes so I thought nothing of it.  Well now, after almost 3 weeks of no sleep, I finally took Luci to the Dr. Thursday thinking maybe she had an earache or something. 

Her ears were fine, but....yes, here it comes....she had strep throat!  Not only did she have it, but I had it too!  I had been dismissing the sore throat thinking it was allergies.  I felt like a horrible Mom!

They gave her a shot and meds for me too, and she is already feeling much better.
I do have to say a big THANK YOU to my amazing husband.  When she isn't sleeping good at night, he will also get up and give her a bottle so I can get some sleep.  Several nights of no sleep can be hard on a working Mom!

On a happier note, we only have 6 weeks left of school until summer and then I'm off for another 3 months!

Now enjoy the eye candy!!

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