Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring is here!

Spring is actually one of my favorite times of the year.  It symbolizes new beginnings, new life, and change.  Our family has taken on a huge life change with the birth our little Luci.  She is such a joy to our family, and I can't imagine our life without her! 

We are really looking forward to the months ahead.  There are so many exciting things coming up for us!  Our daughter Brea is going on her first mission trip this summer as well.  She will be going to Arizona with our church, Faith Bible Church, and will be ministering on the indian reservations.  She is extrememly excited about it.  She has formed some amazing relationships with her church youth group. 

Breanna has had a rough time in regards to friendships the last two years.  She has finally realized which types of friendships are worth investing in, and those are the ones where people support her calling and her walk with Christ.  Sadly, she's had to learn that the hard way.  She is realizing that the "world" is going to hate her because she is not of this world, and that is ok.  She knows that if her friends classmates are not encouraging her in her walk then their words are not of God , but of Satan. 

She is building new relationships and she has some amazing girls and boys in her life that attend church with her.  Some have been lifelong friends, and some are new, but these girls and boys continue to lift Breanna up in spite of her failures.  They accept her for the silly girl that she is and do not judge her nor condemn her.

With all that said I want to introduce Breanna's new blog!  With all the issues that teenage girls face, including herself, she thought it would be a great thing to write about how God is moving in her life.  It's also a great way for Breanna to minister to other teenage girls who go through the same issues.  So please go over and follow Breanna into the mission field and also support her in her Journey at her new blog Journey to Eternity!

She is not perfect, but she is right where God wants her to be, with the people He wants her to be with!

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Donna said...

Your blog has brought tears to my eyes!! Our Christian teenagers are the next generation that will bring Jesus to our lost world!!! They need all the encouragement they can get!!! It's so hard for them to make a stand and sounds like your daughter has made that stand and I know she will reap God's blessing for the rest of her life!!!!


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