Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer, summer, summertime!

Friday we ended the school year, and summer vacation has began!  I've never been more ready to end a school year than this one.  We started off the school year with Luke's head injury, followed by Luci's birth.  After Luci was born, I didn't want to go back and leave her, but I also didn't want my other two little one's there without me.  So let me tell you I am so excited that we are all home together for the next few months.  I think this is going to be one of the best summer's ever!

Here are some ways I plan to make this a great SUMMER!

*  Spending lots of time with my husband
We spend so much of the summer planning fun things for our kids that we don't make time for ourselves.  Joey has a lot of work this summer that requires him to be out of town, so when he's home not only will  he  be having some quality time with our children, but we'll be taking some time for us as well. ;)

*  Flying by the seat of our pants
I feel if your summer is too planned then that takes all the fun out of it.  Our plan this summer is to not plan, but to be spontaneous.  Just like tonight the kids are camping out in the backyard. Or waking up and deciding...hey lets take off to the lake today, or let's have a water balloon fight, or water gun fight. 

*  Serving others
We recently got involved in Compassion, and we've sponsored our first child.  Jolea and Luke are both very excited about writing letters, and sending gifts to him.  Breanna is going on her first mission trip this summer to Arizona to minster to the Navajo indians.  Our children love to be givers, they just need us to lead them!

*  Taking time for myself, and one on one time with our children.
My Mom couldn't dare go all summer without having Luci for a day, so I can use those day to get a pedicure with my older girls, take care of errands and appointments, and also catch up on my devotions and just have some quiet time.

These are just a few things that help our family have an amazing summer vacation!  Don't forget to also take time to read your bible together as a family, and pray together.  There is nothing better than growing deeper in God's word with your family!  I hope you all have a fantastice summer! 

Can't leave without a few pictures!

 Love these BIG brown eyes!

Her favorite food so far..Carrots!  We got a little messy with it. :)


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