Friday, February 17, 2012

Christmas in Disney World

I know Christmas is long gone until next year, but I wanted to go ahead and share some of our favorite photos from the trip. 

Our Disney vacation was absolutely amazing!  We picked a great week to go as well.  It was nice missing the hustle and bustle that usually takes place the week before Christmas.  The weather was amazing too!  It was in the 80s all week!  I actually wish we would've packed shorts and flip flops.   

There is no greater time to go to Disney than Christmas.  The lights and decorations are just magical!  We were also able to celebrate Luci's first birthday all week!  And there is no greater place to be on your birthday than Disney World.

Our family was  chosen as the family of the day and we were upgraded to a tower room at the contemporary for our entire vacation.  It was an extremely nice surprise! 

Here are some of our photos and photopass photos from the trip!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chronicles of Luci

Yesterday, I was home with Luke and Luci because Luke woke up with a tummy bug. I was thinking I would get a nice relaxing day at home with the two of them, but boy was I wrong! Let me just say I was exhausted at the end of the day!

Here we have our little plumber.  She gets into every cabinet, every drawer, and has now figured out how to open the pantry door and get her cookies.  This was an all day battle....

Next we have our little laundry helper.  Only she just wanted to empty the basket and procede to distribute the clothes on the floor and roll on them.  Such a big helper!

Next she decided to help her Daddy dump the fireplace ashes.  Joey had cleaned out the ashes from the fireplace and left the bucket on the front porch.  Since Luci can now open doors, she went out the front door and decided to play in the ashes.  ;)  Such a smart, curious child!

Our sweet, little Luci also has a love for mud!  Not only does she love to wear it, she loves to eat it!  She comes by that naturally though because as a child, I also had a love for the mud pie. :)

We had a very fun filled eventful day at home.  I was on my feet, and cleaning up after her the majority of the day.  I think our bath total was about 3 for the day!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Love Collection

This week I received the Mr. and Mrs. Love collection from Dayspring!  I was so excited to receive it!  It went perfect with my valentine gift from my love.  He gave me a new coffee pot, lots of different flavors of creamers, and of course coffee.  This is the first coffee pot I have ever owned. ;)  So in return, I gave him the Mr. and Mrs. coffee cups and also a coupon book with some amazing date night coupons inside!  He promised to use at least one a month. 

This is by far one of my favorite collections from Dayspring.  You can also purchase some of the other items from the collections such as the love notes, and the two in one journal. This is an amazing collection so head on over to Dayspring and check it out!

*In exchange for this review Dayspring sent me the Mr. and Mrs. Collection for free!! All opinions belong to me!! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Wednesday

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