Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Operation Catfish Rescue

It's so funny how the most insignificant and crazy moments can become the most memorable.  I love how God throws these silly mishaps into our daily lives that help us create some amazing life long memories.  I always keep my eye's out for these little blessings!

Last week the part of Texas we live in received a humongous amount of rain!  It was well needed.  After the heavy down poor the pond began to spill over at one end, and hundreds of baby catfish began to wash into the woods between mine and my parents house. I had never seen anything like it.  Baby fish were everywhere!  Among the baby fish caught, there were also about 15 larger catfish that had spilled out of the pond. 

We all donned our mud boots and headed out on operation catfish rescue...

Several large catfish and numerous baby catfish had spilled into this hole. 

Bre's first experience with noodling!  There is no way my arm was going in there after a fish!

They would fill the buckets with babies and then return them to the pond...

Sweet little Luci and her uncle Chad...
Luci was part of the crew too! She was having a blast stomping around in puddles in her mud boots!

Bre and her cousin Dalton.  These two never fail to go to the extreme.  When we heard screaming coming from the woods, we knew exactly what these two were up to!  Mud fights, pushing each other in the creek...they wouldn't do it any other way. :)

These are the moments.......

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