Friday, March 23, 2012


It's been such a breakthrough week for me.  Focusing and praying on unity this week God has revealed to me that some walls must come down.  Over the past few years I've really struggled in relationships and community.  I've been emotionally beat up and burned by people who I was really close to.  It wasn't just me who was hurt, it was my family as well.  In turn, I just completely shut out the possibility of building new relationships.  I had this idea of..."all we need is each other and we'll be fine."  That would keep us protected and we wouldn't have to deal with any drama.  Well, let me just tell you that putting up these walls of protection have only built a cage of loneliness. It didn't stop the attacks by others either.

This has not only affected me, but also my daughter.  She's built up the same walls of protection because she has been so beaten up, bullied, and attacked by other girls and parents that she didn't think she needed nor did she want friends.  We both lacked that trust in others.

God has really convicted me this week.  Not only do we need to build unity in our family, but we have to build unity with others outside as well.  But we also must be careful who we allow to speak into our lives and the lives of our children. I've made the mistake of practically selling my soul to the devil just to be a part of certain group, or clique and it got me nothing but heartache.  Lord forgive me for being a part of that and thinking it was important. 

What I've realized is that I don't need these walls.  When I stand in unity with people who genuinely love and follow Jesus Christ right along beside our family satan can throw those daggers and attack, but we still stand and we stand much stronger than before.  We stand against the slander, the hatred, the threats, the gossip and rumors, and we stand with boldness..HOLY BOLDNESS!

Thank you Lord for your mercy and forgiveness.  I am also thankful for some amazing new relationships that we've made.  Thankful for those friends who correct me when I'm wrong.  My world has just been rocked by the love and support our family has been shown lately.  People standing up for our family! Wow!  I am amazed at the emails and text messages from people out of the blue just telling me how proud they are of my children.  I am excited about the awesome things happening in our church.  The love and unity taking place excites me!  Big things are happening!  God is speaking to me in so many area's concerning my family, my future, my purpose.  We are loving these changes!

Btw, I have to add that I absolutely love the pastor at our church.  Not only is he my pastor, but he's my cousin, my best friend.  He is always there for me when I need him and I him also.  He knows my heart, he knows my faults, and he loves me anyway.  I don't have to put on a "facade" for him.  He's just amazing, and has been such a rock for our family for many years.

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Suz and Allan said...

Beautifully written post!


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