Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Brave Girl

Our sweet girl was exhausted after an early appointment with her surgeon.  We've finally gotten to the point where she is ready for her big surgery, the bone graft.  She's beyond excited and has been waiting on this for a very long time.  This is the surgery where they will take bone from her hip and repair her jaw that is cleft.  After this all holes will be closed!  Thank you Jesus!  There will be no more food coming out of the nose, and no more bad breath from infection. 
She then will be able to get her braces and begin straightening up her teeth.  She's excited about that too.  Our sweet girl has been through so much to prepare for this.  She's been such a trooper through it all!  We are so proud of her. 
They tell us the bone graft will be painful for her.  Mostly in the hip area.  Jolea has a really high pain tolerance so I'm hoping that works in her favor.  The surgery will be taking place on June 20th.  We decided to wait until summer so she doesn't have to miss a week of school.  She'll also be on a liquid diet for a minimum of 10 days depending on how the healing is taking place.  
Please keep our brave girl in your prayers! 


Lennah and Delylah's mom said...

We will be keeping Jolea in our prayers. What a brave beautiful little girl.

Jessica said...

I will keep your entire family in my thoughts. I'm sure all will go well. :)

I found you through UBP and had intended on just a quick stop, but I've now been on your blog for awhile today just reading. You have a beautiful family.


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