Monday, April 2, 2012


What a weekend!  Thursday was the 12th day of our church wide fast.  On that day we had a 12 hour prayer service which began at 12:00 at lunch and ended at midnight.  On my way to the church at lunch I received a phone call that my Dad wasn't feeling good.  He is diabetic and was thinking that his blood sugar had dropped.  He thought his glucometer read 30 when in fact it was actually 300.  He had had a stroke and the vision in his right eye had been affected and he couldn't see the rest of the number. 

He was transferred to Dallas to a stroke center that evening where he has been since.  Hopefully he will coming home today.  We left the house that night around midnight and didn't get home until 5am Friday morning.  I can't say how thankful and blessed I am to know that for the entire 12 hours that this was all taking place we had some strong prayer warriors praying on our behalf, my 14 year old daughter included.  She was in prayer at the church until after 11:00 Thursday night praying for her Grandad! 

By God's grace, he is doing wonderful.  He has some issues with his vision, but we are believing that will all be taken care of.  He should hopefully be home today!

On an exciting note, we finally poured sidewalks this weekend.  I've only waited 9 years for my husband to get these done!  The kids love them.  Lots of scooter riding, and Luci goes up and down them with her baby stroller.  Jolea also learned to ride her bike without training wheels on Friday.  A good friend of ours daughter taught her while we were at the hospital.  She was so excited and we went and bought her a new bike with her birthday money!

 I'm just excited about life these days!  So many wonderful things taking place.  I have to confess I've sat and wallowed in bitterness for far too long.  I missed out on so much, but no more.  Fear and bitterness are a part of my past, and I'm embracing this joyful life that God has for me and my family!

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Suz and Allan said...

Hope your Dad makes a quick recovery!


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