Thursday, June 28, 2012

Destination Disney: Teal/Turquoise

My love for all things Disney has tempted me to join in with Destination Disney in color!  The week I decide to join in and the color is teal or turquoise!  This was a little difficult! 


The Castle changes so many colors and is so beautiful during the Christmas season!


JoJo has a little teal/turquoise on her hat...
Turquoise dress on our face painter. :)

And Luke's most favorite princess Jasmine sports a teal/turquoise outfit.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Surgery Success!

Jolea's surgery was a success so far.  Surgery was Wednesday morning.  She went back and it lasted around 3 hours.  They went into the right hip to remove bone and pack it into the gap in her jaw bone.  He did say there was a much larger area than he thought to be filled, and also there was a significant amount of scar tissue from her surgeries performed in Vietnam.  He seem very optimistic on the success, but did stress the importance of her diet for the next several weeks. 

As far as the diet, that is really our only issue.  Jolea has done fairly well with it, but she loves food and gets very frustrated at times.  We've made several different kinds of soups, and have tried blending up all kinds of things, including cake!  Whatever works!  We went and got her a big container of Pho this weekend and she was thrilled.  Definitely her favorite thus far.  She has 6 more days of the liquids only diet then we can go to soft foods such as mashed potatoes, ice cream, macaroni, and that sort of thing.  Let me just say she is counting down the days!

She spent one night in the hospital and was able to come home the next morning because she was doing so well.  The day of surgery she was up walking around with little soreness.  The soreness did set in the next day though.  She was still able to get up and walk, but did need a little more assistance and was moving much slower.  Her mouth was also pretty sore and she didn't speak much for a couple of days.   That was kind of nice. No complaints on that one :D

She is doing great now, and getting around wonderful!  Still a little slower than normal, but improving everyday!  Thanks for all the emails, texts, and phone calls from all our family, friends, and online friends!  We appreciated all the prayers!

Jolea walked herself right into the OR.  She was scared a bit!  Even refused the silly juice!

Here she is right before surgery!


Sleeping Beauty!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jolea's Big Day

Tomorrow is Jolea's big day!  She will have her bone graft done on her jaw.  They will be taking bone from her hip and packing it into the jaw where she is missing bone.  Right now the cleft has left an area about an inch wide where there is no bone.  A couple of her front teeth are actually not even anchored. 

She is extremely excited.  This surgery will close all the holes in her mouth!  Please keep her in your prayers!  Pray there is little pain, and also that the bone will grow and we will not have to do this surgery again. 

She will be on a liquid diet for at least 10 days, so if you have recipes or ideas for meals that she can drink from a cup I would love to hear them!  You can leave them in the comments or email me. :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Love Him Well

I wake up in the mornings and he's already slipped out the door at the crack of dawn.  This is what he does.  He works hard all day utilizing every minute.

After a hard days work and stress he comes home and starts his next job.  That of husband and father.  We'll cook dinner, he'll play outside with the kids while I work out, take care of the yard and many more outside chores.  His head hits the pillow every night after a hard days work, and with his job comes much stress.  He is often tired and weary but he keeps on keeping on because that's what he does.  He loves us well.

He is God's man.  He gives our family vision and offers provision.  He's the most amazing husband and father we could ever ask for.  We don't want to tear him down, instead we want to love him well.  We want to encourage him.  Remind him that we trust him.  He is our rock!  We appreciate all the amazing things he does for our us!  He gives and gives, and he'll wake up tomorrow and he'll do it all again. 

That's why we love him well!

We love you Joey!  Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Daughter of the King

This month I received two amazing totes from DaySpring!  The Daughter of the King is my absolute favorite.  I use this amazing tote to carry my bible and note taking materials to church.  I have received so many compliments on it as well!  The scripture on the tote reads 'Everylasting joy will crown their heads' Isaiah 51:11. This is a constant reminder to me that wherever I am and whatever I may be going through that I am still a child of God.  I also love the fact that this tote is oil cloth and I can wipe it clean, and it also has a magnetic closure.  These are two must haves for this Mommy on the go!

I was also blessed to receive another bag for my review and to also give away to a special friend, and I have the perfect friend in mind for it!  I hope this Crown of Beauty tote is a constant reminder to her that she is beautiful and that it will encourage her on her journey!

I absolutely love these totes and DaySpring has many more amazing totes with different scriptures on them.  I encourage you to head to their website and check them out! 

DaySpring provided this bag at no charge in return for my review. These opinions are my opinions!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Treasure

Oh how I love sitting outside in the mornings watching my sweet girl play in the yard, while these Texas temps are still cool.  I'm loving every sweet second that I'm home with the kids.  With 4 children home all day comes more dishes, more laundry, more bickering, but most of all more fun!  I just love it!  Yesterday we went to my Mom's and had lunch with her and my Grandmother.  Sweet, sweet moments! We are loving being home!

I've started reading a book called Mission Motherhood by Sally Clarkson.  I'm only 5 chapters in, but I can't rave enough about it.  It has completely changed the way I look at motherhood, and Gods calling on my life.  It's funny how it has coincided with what our Pastor at church has been preaching about lately.

 It's made me really think about where, who and what I am sowing into, and how I'm going to help my family reap amazing things and be fruitful.  I've been so torn lately on the direction I want for our family and this has helped point me to scripture regarding motherhood and also put some things in perspective.

It seems as though culture tries to tell us that we can do it all.  Work a full time job, take care of our home, raise our children, but the truth is, we only have one life to invest in what really matters to us. Is motherhood my full time job or just something I do on the side?  Matthew 6:19-20 tells us  “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

It takes thousands of hours of pouring into our children to develop character, and draw our children out of culture that will drag them in every direction but God's direction.  We as mother's have to pour faith into them constantly. 

We have choices, and our choices have consequences.  What a man sows he will reap.  Are we sowing into the right things? Eternal things, or worldly things?  Who and what are you sowing into today?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Livin'

With summer comes playing in the water, and nobody enjoys it more than our Luci bug!  If water is running, she is in it.  I absolutely adore the spunk that this child has.  She is like no other child of mine.  Although, she does remind me a lot of Colt.  He had that same spunk, and had no fear, just like his baby sister. 

Luke and Luci had the best time playing in the sprinkler yesterday.  Jolea eventually joined them and it turned into 3 kids soaked to the bone, with littlest one also covered in mud....of course!

And last, but not least...My oldest beauty. :)  Relaxing and watching her little brother and sisters livin' it up!


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