Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Livin'

With summer comes playing in the water, and nobody enjoys it more than our Luci bug!  If water is running, she is in it.  I absolutely adore the spunk that this child has.  She is like no other child of mine.  Although, she does remind me a lot of Colt.  He had that same spunk, and had no fear, just like his baby sister. 

Luke and Luci had the best time playing in the sprinkler yesterday.  Jolea eventually joined them and it turned into 3 kids soaked to the bone, with littlest one also covered in mud....of course!

And last, but not least...My oldest beauty. :)  Relaxing and watching her little brother and sisters livin' it up!


Unknown said...

Those are great shots! My Bella is all about the sprinklers and getting as wet as possible :)

Unknown said...

SO sweet I LOOOOVE the pictures :)


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