Monday, June 25, 2012

Surgery Success!

Jolea's surgery was a success so far.  Surgery was Wednesday morning.  She went back and it lasted around 3 hours.  They went into the right hip to remove bone and pack it into the gap in her jaw bone.  He did say there was a much larger area than he thought to be filled, and also there was a significant amount of scar tissue from her surgeries performed in Vietnam.  He seem very optimistic on the success, but did stress the importance of her diet for the next several weeks. 

As far as the diet, that is really our only issue.  Jolea has done fairly well with it, but she loves food and gets very frustrated at times.  We've made several different kinds of soups, and have tried blending up all kinds of things, including cake!  Whatever works!  We went and got her a big container of Pho this weekend and she was thrilled.  Definitely her favorite thus far.  She has 6 more days of the liquids only diet then we can go to soft foods such as mashed potatoes, ice cream, macaroni, and that sort of thing.  Let me just say she is counting down the days!

She spent one night in the hospital and was able to come home the next morning because she was doing so well.  The day of surgery she was up walking around with little soreness.  The soreness did set in the next day though.  She was still able to get up and walk, but did need a little more assistance and was moving much slower.  Her mouth was also pretty sore and she didn't speak much for a couple of days.   That was kind of nice. No complaints on that one :D

She is doing great now, and getting around wonderful!  Still a little slower than normal, but improving everyday!  Thanks for all the emails, texts, and phone calls from all our family, friends, and online friends!  We appreciated all the prayers!

Jolea walked herself right into the OR.  She was scared a bit!  Even refused the silly juice!

Here she is right before surgery!


Sleeping Beauty!


Kathy said...

So happy it went well! I was praying for Jolea. She's a brave little girl :)

Unknown said...

Praise GOD! I am so glad she is good.


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