Wednesday, July 11, 2012


  It's been a nice, nice week here in Texas. The days have been cooler and nights have been extra nice. It's been especially cool on my evening runs. I've even broke my one mile record, and lost a couple extra pounds this week! Total weight loss is almost 20 pounds! I'm beyond excited. It's almost time to clean out my closet again except this time I may not have anything left. I think I need to do some shopping. Did I mention the last time I cleaned out my closet I cleaned out not one, but three 30 gallon trash bags of clothes that no longer fit. I ended up donating those to a local church.
So Bre and I have our first race together coming up in August. I'm super excited and I think she is too. This whole race thing is such a new territory for me, but I'm really enjoying it and especially enjoying the training and the benefits that come with it! I'm pretty much doing some kind of workout at least 6 days a week whether it be running, cycling, cardio/aerobics, or strength training. It definitely has made a difference in how in feel. Just simple things like working in the flower beds and outside are much more enjoyable. I can actually do things without wearing out so fast, and being so sore the next day I can't walk.

With the exercise has also came a diet change. Let me just say that I do not diet, I just eat well. I have cut way down on eating fast food and processed foods. I won't say I've completely cut it out, because sometimes we are just out and about and grabbing something quick is too easy. I do however make better choices of what I order and how much I eat. I usually stick to a strict 1200 calorie diet. I log everything I eat, and I usually give myself one day a week where I don't log and enjoy a few extra calories on that day. I've definitely seen what a lifestyle change can do for you and also for the people you love!

One of my favorite new finds is shakeology. I started drinking shakeology as a meal replacement for breakfast several months ago and what a difference in my day it makes. It gives me energy, keeps me full, and it's packed with superfoods! I usually drink it for breakfast or dinner, or as just a recovery drink after a good workout. I love it so much and stand behind it that I am now an independent beachbody coach. I signed up to get a discount off of my order every month, but I've made a few sales in the process too!

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