Monday, October 1, 2012

Change is coming

There is just no time for blogging these days!  After work I'm just exhausted, and getting the time to sit down and work on the computer is far and in between.  I'm doing good to get my workout in and have dinner.

 I don't remember an almost 2 year being so time consuming! lol  Luci is just one of a kind, and keeps us on our toes constantly!  I feel like I'm being punished for all those times that I said " my kids will never act like that."  Luci is everything I ever said my kids wouldn't do and more!  You know that lady in the grocery store who's kids are pulling everything off the shelf and screaming if she won't open the cookie box and let them eat right now!  Well, that's me.... I apologize!  The girl just doesn't take no for an answer. 

Just to update on our happenings....

Bre is running Cross Country and loving it.  She loves to run.  Her district meet is at the end of this month and she's looking forward to that.  We also have a couple of races coming up together.  We are running the survivor mud run this month, and then the color in motion 5k in November to benefit the Make a Wish foundation.  I'm very excited about those! 

We have also decided to put our house on the market to sell.  I honestly never thought I would ever leave that place.  We have so many memories and it was also Colt's home.  It's very difficult for me to do, but I think it will be a good thing.  There are certain things I can't seem to let go of or change.  Colt's room for instance.  Luke can't have all Colt's things in there forever.  Colt was 3, Luke is 8.  He needs a big boy room, but I can't seem to change anything.  The change will be good for us, and will give us the opportunity to start fresh.  I was nervous about it at first, but I'm starting to get excited. 

Life is so good these days.  We have a great family, amazing friends, new friends, new acitivites, and we are loving life.  We've never been happier. 


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