Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Goals

I've never been really in to the whole making resolutions thing.  For one, I never follow through.  This year I have set some goals for myself.  Last year I finally got busy and lost the baby weight that has been lingering with me since I delivered Bre.  For years I never ate healthy or exercised regularly.  I would gain and lose and gain and lose.  I lost a lot of weight after losing Colt, but that wasn't due to eating healthy or exercise.  That was due to not eating, depression, and all that comes with it.  I had a friend who recently referred to it as the death diet and sadly it's true.  After having Luci I was stuck at a weight of 150 to 155.  I started exercising last year and eating cleaner and I'm now sitting at a weight of 123.  What got me there was first and foremost the encouragement of my friends and workout buddies.  I drink shakeology, do turbo fire, and have taken up a love for running.  Running is my therapy.  I can put those headphones in and go.  It clears my head and I feel great afterwards! 

So, back to the goals..... here's a list of a few things I hope to accomplish this year!

1.  Go back to school.  I want to further my nursing degree. :)
2.  Run a half marathon. (I can't wait to run this in Disney!)
3.  I've slacked on my diet the past couple of months so I want to get back to eating cleaner.
4.  Cook more! 
5.  Tone up more.  Looking into doing a little crossfit after school activities slow down.
6.  Lose 5 more pounds.

So there they are!  I have a lot of work to do!

Happy 2013!

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