Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Home is where your husband is

We now officially have a contract on the house!  Woot Woot!  We are actually selling it to some very close friends which makes me happy happy happy!  I can come visit the house anytime I want.  :) As long they're home of course, or maybe not.  They wouldn't care...

The packing is coming along.  I have thrown so much stuff away.  If it's broke or I haven't used it in over a year it's history.  I'm hoping my Mother picks up on this same packing technique when she sells her house which will be on the market soon!

We've now decided after not being able to find a house to buy that we are going to build.  There are a few lots that Joey is looking at and as soon as we close on our house we will be able to buy one and start building! Yippy!  He has also found a rent house and will be moving into it on March 1st.  It is small, but we are happy to just have a place at this point.  It's a cute little farm house and will be perfect while we're building.

Bre is loving her school.  She is starting softball this week and is extremely pumped about that!  She's made some great friends.  She and one of her friends even facetimed me today at work.  It made my day to see her beautiful face!  I love seeing her happy and I'm so thankful she chose to go ahead and start school there.  It's completely different from where she left, and the change in her attitude and outlook did a complete turn around. 

I can only give God the credit for this amazing opportunity for our family.  My plan is to still stick it out until the school year is over, but I have to admit that it is difficult.  It's weird how homesick I feel when I'm home.

Home truly is where your husband and children are. 

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KLady said...

Yay! So glad things are coming together for you all. :o)


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