Saturday, April 27, 2013

Date night with the kids

Last night we surprised the kids with dinner at the Boiling Pot.  It's a neat little open air restaurant right on the beach in Rockport.  Joey had already been once, but it was a first for me and the kids.  Everything is boiled and Cajun, so it's very spicy.  We all loved it! 

We had the crawfish and shrimp.  Jolea tore it up.  She loved it!  Luke and I actually ate the crawfish as well and it was actually pretty good.  Joey will even suck the juices from their heads.  I wasn't interested in tasting that.  I just stuck with the meat.  :)

We definitely will be going back.  I love the atmosphere, eating outdoors, and being on the beach.  There's nothing more beautiful.  I'm still in awe that we actually live near something so beautiful.  We had an amazing time and made some great memories!  Bre went to watch the boys play baseball and she definitely missed out.

This last picture is of the bridge over the bay.  I'll try to get some good pictures of it next time.  At night it lights up and last night if you looked at from afar, it was a waving American flag.  It was beautiful.  I always love driving over it at night.  It's really high too!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Good times

We had a super fun weekend.  The town had an event called Pioneer Days.  There were venders up and down the streets downtown, 50 teams having a cookoff.  They were cooking up BBQ, fajitas, chili, and deserts to be judged.  We were able to sample some amazing ribs, brisket, and chicken being cooked up by some friends we've met here.  It was amazing to say the least.  The day consisted of good food, good friends, bands, music, a little shopping and mutton bustin.  The kids enjoyed some bounce houses, rock climbing and water bubbles.  We all had a great time! 

It's amazing to see everyone gather downtown just to enjoy each other and have a good time.  It's pretty amazing how much you can enjoy when you leave the negativity and drama behind.  I'm thankful to be here.  I'm thankful to have my kids here. 

Bre ended her softball season last week.  She wasn't able to play her final game due to a minor concussion she got in a previous game.  They ended on a big win and she enjoyed every minute of it just being there with her friends and teamates. She loves it here and that makes me happy. :)

We're missing our family and good friends and will be heading up there in a couple of weeks!  Then some of our family will be coming here in May and for Memorial weekend!  I'm ready for some beach fun with the family! 

This is a picture of the shrimp we bought on the island last weekend.  We brought them home and Joey cleaned them up and he cooked them outside on the wok.  They were so good!  I can definitely see myself enjoying more of these!
We added some veggies and sausage to go along with it!  Soooo good!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Getting Settled

We finally have internet! It's the little things. :) We have pretty much gotten everything moved. We have just a few things left that we will be going back for including our Rainbow playground. We are currently renting until we either build or buy a home. We're living in a cute little farm house with only 3 bedrooms. Yes we are cramped, but it's not been too bad. Bre has her own room, Jolea and Luke have bunk beds and share a room, and Luci is sleeping in our room right now. It's pretty tight quarters, but it's ok temporarily. We are very thankful to have such amazing friends here.  We were able to move in the house with no rental agreement or downpayment.  We were very blessed!  We've looked at a couple of homes but haven't found anything so we are currently looking at land to purchase and most likely build.

We love the town here and the schools are great. I have consumed more mexican food that I have ever thought was possible. My kids are even eating bean and cheese tacos for breakfast! There's something about real mexican food and homemade tortillas. It's amazing! We have this little restaurant in town called Milpas and they have the best tortillas I have ever tasted in my life! For friends and family who visit, you can't leave without eating breakfast there!

We had some family time Sunday at the beach. It really is nice being this close to the ocean. The kids love it, and it's such a great way to relax. They are entertained for hours and Joey and I can just sit and soak in some vitamin D without listening to them fight, tattle tail, or complain. I see lots of time spent there this summer for us.

The journey's been great so far.  Being a stay at home Mom is the most important job I've ever had.  I'm beyond thankful that God paved the way financially for me to be able to do this again!  When I'm missing how things used to be, I just look into the big brown eyes of this little girl and it all makes sense again!  I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for us here, although I am missing my family like crazy! Hopefully they'll be visiting very soon! hint hint!


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