Friday, July 26, 2013

Love to run

Have I mentioned how much I love to run?!  I did a virtual 5k this week with several women all over the world.  It was a pretty fun experience!  Right now most of my runs consist of running on the treadmill.  We're in a new town and I'm not quite sure where its the safest to run yet.  I'm not fond of getting chased by dogs!  Not to mention the heat and humidity in South Texas is scorching.  I do prefer to run outdoors over the "dreadmill" any day!  We have really nice, cool evenings here and I'm hoping to at least venture out to the track soon. 

I'm working on setting some new running and fitness goals, and I've finally gotten my husband on board!  He's done really great this week and I'm praying he sticks with it!  I may just have a new running partner! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brokeness to Wholeness

This has by far been one of the busiest spring and summers yet!  We have moved twice with one being seven hours away!  We have driven back and forth from our previous hometown several times, and will continue to do so!  We hang out at the beach, we go to the aquarium.  We've been to baseball games, water parks, visited San Antonio numerous times, and are really enjoying it and just soaking up every moment!  Our lives have just taken a complete 180. 

Our family has struggled physically and emotionally for the last 9 years.  We fought cancer with Colt, had some health scares and injuries with Luke, and Jolea fought several medical battles herself.  Bre fought emotionally against people whom she thought cared for her, but it turned out that all they really wanted for her is failure.  We fought financially to keep a company going in a economical crisis.  It always seemed to be one battle after another and we kept coming out at the bottom. 

When God opened this door for us, it seemed unrealistic at the time.  I couldn't comprehend giving up everything we had worked so hard for, and leaving behind everything we had ever known including our families and the security of my job.  After much discussion, we did it.  We sold the house, and pretty much all it's contents and moved 7 hours away.  I prayed and prayed about this move and asked God for confirmation and he just kept pointing me here.  I wondered how I could do this.  How could I leave everything, everything Colt had ever known.  These things kept me close to him.  He was buried there.  I wouldn't be able to go to his graveside every week or everytime I needed to feel close to him.  I couldn't see past all those things to what God was trying to do.  I was so consumed with material things and my feelings.

It reminds of the story of the rich young ruler.  God told him what to do and he wasn't willing to give up everything and relinquish control.  He walked away.  He went the other direction.  What if he had went the direction God was sending him? 

I often found myself trying to control everything in our lives rather than relinquish that control to the One who is in control.  It was hard, but I stepped back and gave it all over to God, and everything changed.  He took us to a new place, but to a place that we are learning to love.  A place where we are simply able to live with no distractions.  A place where we are encouraged and our children are encouraged.  A place where although we miss our family, they are able to visit and also able to rejoice in the fact that we are ok.

Just like the young ruler, we could not see past the love of our possessions, our pride, or the lifestyle we thought we deserved to be living.  Not all of us will be asked to sell everything that we have or move away, but all of us are commanded to set aside any idol that may be present in our lives. We must all give up relying on our own efforts to earn salvation and instead embrace the grace we've been given.

We've embarked on this journey, took every hard step, trusted God with every area of our life, and are finally on the road from brokeness to wholeness. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

My Dream Job

It's hard to believe we are already halfway through summer break.  This has been such an amazing summer.  I will definitely miss these days when the kids start back to school. 

I had thought about going back to school this fall and I may end up taking a couple of classes, but I'm just so content right now on being "just a Mom."  I've been praying for this opportunity for a couple of years now and He's answered those prayers!  I'd be crazy not to follow Gods calling for life right now. 

It's crazy how we live in such a "the bigger the better" obsessed society.  I've realized I don't have to have a huge degree, travel to a foreign land, or submerse myself in activities outside the home to serve Jesus.  Simply being a Mom is doing something big for Jesus! 

We Moms serve on our knees all day!  Whether it's scrubbing toilets, cleaning up spills, wiping the beautiful drawings from the walls.  I serve Jesus by serving my family!  Preparing dinner while one wild 2 year old changes clothes for the 3rd time, and my son searches couch cushions for leggos and whatever other treasures he may find, running around a teenager (well she actually can run me around now!), and driving another spunky little girl to her tumbling class.... this is life changing!  I have 4 amazing children and a hard working husband and serving them is most important.  I love every minute of it. 

I wouldn't trade this life for anything.  I don't ever want to miss a moment of their life.   Investing my life full time into the life of my family is my ministry.  Training up my children to love and follow Jesus all the days of their life is an amazing job!  My dream job! 


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