Friday, July 26, 2013

Love to run

Have I mentioned how much I love to run?!  I did a virtual 5k this week with several women all over the world.  It was a pretty fun experience!  Right now most of my runs consist of running on the treadmill.  We're in a new town and I'm not quite sure where its the safest to run yet.  I'm not fond of getting chased by dogs!  Not to mention the heat and humidity in South Texas is scorching.  I do prefer to run outdoors over the "dreadmill" any day!  We have really nice, cool evenings here and I'm hoping to at least venture out to the track soon. 

I'm working on setting some new running and fitness goals, and I've finally gotten my husband on board!  He's done really great this week and I'm praying he sticks with it!  I may just have a new running partner! 

1 comment:

KLady said...

That's great that he is running with you! I can't get Steve to run with me, but at lease Angel will run. :o)


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