Thursday, September 26, 2013

Get your run on!

When I first started running I hated it!  A group of ladies and I had been doing turbo fire for several weeks before we started adding in a couple runs a week into our workout.  I suffered from blisters, to shin splints, swollen knees, and it seemed insanely hard. 

I started running at the track.  I would run the straights and walk the curves.  I started increasing the ratio of running and walking until I finally ran my first mile. After that first runners high, I haven't stopped!

I thought I'd write a post and share a few of my favorite tips that smoothed the transition from non-runner to runner.  So if you've just began your journey of pounding the pavement or treadmill, here are a few things you should know.

It does get easier

Just like most things.  The more you run the easier it gets.  If you want to strengthen your muscles, improve your heart rate, and increase your endurance, you need to run at least 3 times a week.  Start off with a doable distance of at least 1 mile, and gradually increase your distance.  The key is to run at a pace where you can carry on a conversation.  Muscles will strengthen, knees will get stronger, and your calories will burn!

Invest in a good sports bra

Yes, running can be painful.  For the longest time I would wear two sports bras.  A cheap cotton sports bra from target won't cut the mustard for running unless you wear one with good support underneath.  You may have to spend $50 or more, but it's worth it when you only have to wear one.

Don't skimp on shoes or gear

I've never really skimped on shoes, but I have skimped on socks.  I used to always wear cute, colorful, cheap, cotton socks, and then wondered why I had blisters.  Get you a good pair of wicking socks.  You won't regret it.  You won't need a lot of gear, but you will need a good pair of tennis shoes ( I've jumped on the Brooks bandwagon and LOVE them), a good pair of wicking socks ( nike is what I have at the moment), a good sports bra (I've found that zulilly often has good sales on really good, name brand active wear.  You can get a good support sports bra for half the price of stores.), and you'll need some lightweight running shorts.  I prefer nike.  They have built ins so you don't have to worry with wedgies or them riding up your thighs.    Gear designed for running makes a huge difference and can make or break your love for running.

Running Apps

The days of driving a route to get the distance is over.  Iphone running apps now have GPS that not only keep track of distance, but keeps your time and pace.  If you're like me, your biggest competitor is yourself.  I love being able to track myself so I can later beat myself. :)

Running outdoors is harder than running on a treadmill

Since I've moved most of my runs are done on the treadmill.  Our town is putting in a walking park, and I can't wait until I can head there to get some outdoor running in.  When I do get to hit the pavement it is much harder!  There's real hills, uneven pavement, wind, and sun.  Those elements do make running harder.  Running outside will also burn more calories, and will increase strength and endurance.  I believe running outdoors will make you a better runner.  If you don't have a choice, like myself at the moment, make sure to set your incline to at least a 2 to make your run more like running outdoors. 

Running is an awesome, rewarding exercise.  However, if you're just getting started it can be tough.  Don't give up! After all, only crazies actually like to run, right?  Well I think everyone should be a little crazy.  Listen to your body, and HAVE FUN!  Btw, obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated...;)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our Happenings

Long time, no post!  The school year is in full swing with a lot of things going on!  The kids are doing so great this year!  I was so worried about Jolea, but she seems to be doing wonderful so far.  It's only a month into school and she has already finished her 5th chapter book!  I'm so proud of her.

Jolea and Luke also started art lessons this month.  It's been so great! I love seeing the things they bring home, and the creativity that they are both expressing.  I didn't know they had it in them.  Luke wasn't so thrilled at first.  All he wanted to do was learn to draw a shark. lol  The art lessons are so much more than that, and its also helping them build some creative thinking and they are proud of their work. 

Football is also in full swing.  Our Bulldogs are 4 and 0 so far this season.  This is the first time in my life I've actually enjoyed watching football. 

Breanna also has made the varsity basketball team!  We were so excited for her.  Being in such a larg school she thought her chances of varsity basketball were slim and even thought about not playing.  I actually had to make her go to practice and low and behold she made the team.  I knew she had it in her, but her self esteem and confidence was really crushed at her previous school.  I'm so glad to see the coaches and staff here building her back up.  It's a whole different world for her here.  She works hard and her hard work pays off. You don't get the top positions because of who you are or who your parents are, or who you're friends with.  They encourage her and push her to be the best she can be.  I love seeing her doing so great.  Life is so good.  It's so nice to just be able to focus on our family without any distractions.

I'm also enjoying staying home.  With Joey's awkward work schedule, I don't know how I'd be able to work full time and take care of all the kids!   Luci and I enjoy our days together.  They grow up so fast, and I'm thankful I get to enjoy this time with her.  The only breaks we get are when we head home to visit my parents.  I usually take at least one day while we are there to run around by myself or with Joey without the kids. :)

I posted some random photos from my phone below.  Luci is our biggest bulldog fan.  It almost keeps her as occupied as the beach!  She loves the games.  She cheers and dances the whole time. :)
Enjoy the pics.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Time sure flies....

We traveled home this past weekend for a family wedding.  We had such a great time seeing everyone!  You don't realize how much people mean to you when you don't get to see them everyday or every week.  We also stopped by the football game Friday night to say hello to a few friends we haven't seen in months.  It was so great to see them. 

Our next trip up will not be until October.  Luke has a check up and MRI with his neurosurgeon.  We are hoping this is the last scan.  He's doing wonderful.  It would also be awesome if everything was completely gone and he was released to play sports!  So pray with us for a miracle!

This year we will be celebrating Colt's birthday on the weekend of October 12th.  I will be flying in that week with Luke and Luci for his appt. and the rest of the gang is driving down Friday.  Colt's actual birthday on the 15th is during the week, and we don't want the kids to miss any school so we'll be celebrating that weekend with another balloon release with our close friends and family. He will be turning 12 years old!  That seems so strange.  Everytime I think of him he's still a 3 year old little boy. :) 

Time sure flies....


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