Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fight the fight, finish the race

I registered for a half marathon this week!  I am super excited!  I wanted to go ahead and run one before my dream race at Disney.  I'll be running the Illuminations half in San Antonio on December 7th.  Bre has also registered. 

Many say I'm crazy, but you just don't understand how emotional, thrilling, exciting, painful, and amazing running can be.  With every mile you're pushing through the pain and doing something you never thought or imagined you would ever be able to do. 

I think of Colt with every run I do.  How he fought cancer so hard.  How his body was racked with pain, but he continued on.  Although, my pain is no comparison, it makes me fight harder.  I chose one of his favorite songs as my power song.  Not to us - by Chris Tomlin.  I used to hold him in the kitchen and he and I would spin and dance as it played.  Some of my favorite memories, and our favorite moments.  I can often close my eyes at the finish of every run when I hit that power song, and I can see him cheering me on to the finish. 

He fought the fight, he finished the race.  So can I!


KLady said...

This post made me cry. What a terrifically honest post that so effectively expressed the way you feel when you run.

Suz and Allan said...

Good luck! You're going to do great!

Unknown said...

You are an inspiration to many :)
Had a minute and thought I'd stop by...missing your sweet family. Love hearing the updates on Facebook. Keep up the great job! Hello to Lukey Luke and Jolea.


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