Tuesday, May 6, 2014

246 Days

Walt Disney Marathon weekend is only 246 days away, but hey, who's counting?!! :)  I haven't really started a training plan yet, just running when and how far I want.  I've only gotten in 5 miles this week.  3 miles yesterday and 2 miles today.  Planning on running Thursday and then getting in a good 7 or 8 miler this weekend. 

I've started going back to eating a little cleaner.  Living with my parents has caused me to eat out way too much and I've gained about 4 pounds since the Cowtown marathon.  I was around 124 pounds and have gotten up to about 128 now.  128 is good weight, but I'm still needing to lose some body fat so I'm planning to incorporate a lot of weight training before the big races start in the fall.  My core and arm muscles are in definite need of strength for sure! Runner problems!

I've also started planning our trip to Disney.  Joey and I are considering taking this trip alone.  It's going to be a busy time because I want to hit the expo and enjoy all the Run Disney happenings that are taking place so it isn't going to be like our normal family vacations.  We do plan to enjoy our favorite dining spots while there.  We are also looking into staying at a value or moderate resort.  I want to plan a trip for next summer with the whole family so I want to save as much money as possible on this trip. 

I'm extremely excited about this marathon.  When I first began running I would always dream of running in Disney.  Disney is that special place for our family where we have so many amazing memories.  Every smell, every ride, every sound I hear there reminds of Colt.  He loved all things Disney and it has rubbed off on every member of our family.  Disney is our place...our special place.  Colt has always been my inspiration.  Everytime I want to quit I think of his fight and it pushes me harder.  This is the race I've always dreamed of doing, always wanted to run for Colt.  It's going to be an amazing experience and I can't wait to cross that finish line.  #IRunforColt  

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