Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A few firsts!

Training officially began for me yesterday.  I decided to go ahead and get started since we'll be running several half marathons this fall.  Yesterday was just a 2 mile run.  8:19 was not my average pace btw.  I think my watch is just showing the pace I was running when I stopped.  I was also going downhill so that may have contributed to that pace.  :)  My average pace was actually closer to 9:30.  I would love to be able to maintain a 9:30 pace for a half or full but for me that just isn't doable at this time.  Maybe one day!

This week I also received my first Vox Box from influenster.  I love these little boxes!  I received the TLC box and so far I have loved all the products inside!  The TLC box came with Neo to Go, which is so handy for a mom of 4!  I also received a coupon for a free Gelato Indulgence, which I can not wait to try out, Ivory bar soap, Avon Anew Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother, Puffs to Go, and a Shell Fuel Rewards card.  I can't wait to give all these products a try!  Thank You influenster!
These products were received complementary for testing purposes from influenster...

And here is a picture of my sweet Jolea running at her track and field day.  This picture was taken by a sweet photographer friend.  She takes amazing photos!  Jolea is my little sprinter.  She came in first place in all her running events.  Luke also ran that day but my friend didn't get any photos of him this time.  He did great as well.  I can't wait to sign these two up for their first 5K!

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Anonymous said...

good luck training for Disney. you will have a BLAST! I've enjoyed it all three times I've run goofy. it is was one of my favorite marathons AND places to go on earth! -April


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