Monday, August 4, 2014

Training Week 5

Have I mentioned that I am so excited to be running my first Disney Marathon in January?!!!  Just finished week 5 of training.  I've been trying to stay on track but sometimes I just end up doing my own thing rather than following the training plan so strictly.  I actually got in around 22 miles last week. 

Monday - 5k
Tuesday - 3 miles
Wednesday - rest day
Thursday - 10k
Friday - cross train
Saturday - rest
Sunday - 10 miles

I started yesterdays 10 miler around 7:30 last night.  I normally don't do long runs that late in the evening and I think I paid for it!  I ran in my compression socks, came home for a nice hot bath to wash all the bugs off my body that were stuck everywhere, drank my recovery drink, and then put on a clean pair of compression socks.  I still had some leg soreness and achiness while I slept, and I had terrible trouble sleeping!  I should've just slept in my socks! 

I also think I had too much of a calorie deficit yesterday.  The deficit was around 1,000 calories.  I would normally never let that happen.  I definitely need to watch those calories a little closer on my long run days! I started the run with a salted caramel gu, and also had a mid run gu which helped tremendously!
As far as the actual run, it went great!  We ran a slow, easy pace, where we could carry conversation the whole time.  We also ran several inclines which is great for training!   I think all this road running is making me so much stronger.  I trained a lot on the treadmill for some of my first races because I didn't have easy access to running on the roads like I do now!  I can tell such a big difference in my endurance!  I am seriously loving our new house and neighborhood!

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