Thursday, November 13, 2014

Arctic Blast

We've had a little arctic blast moving through Texas this week!  Cool weather is my favorite to run in, but when it gets below freezing that's another story.  I've braved the cold and got in 3 weekday runs.  All three were just 3 milers.

We could possibly get cold rain this weekend so the long run could be interesting!  Thank goodness the treadmill is always an option!  However, running in the cold is not too bad when you have the right cold weather running gear! 

Last December Bre and I ran our first half and it was around 28 degrees that evening.  I think we had the gear mastered.  The run turned out great.  We were chilly at the start but warmed up pretty quick.  During cold days like today I always run in a pair of cold gear running pants.  Most of my pants are Nike, but there are many great brands out there.  I also layer with a long sleeve tech shirt, and a hoodie.  My procompression socks are great too, layered with some nike dry fit socks on top.  For the face and head I wear my northface beanie, my hood and a scarf for my face.  The scarf is great for warming up the cold air before you breath it in.  After I started using it I had less trouble with exercise induced asthma triggered by the cold air.   And last but not least, don't forget your gloves and chap-stick! If you have any other tips for running in the cold I would love to hear your favorites!

And now a few photos for your viewing enjoyment!!!

My sweet Luci sporting he cold gear!  This picture reminds me so much of her brother Colt.  Especially that sweet smile!

                                                          My beautiful, oldest daughter! 

My new shoes!  I'm a Saucony Triumph girl and I ordered these on sale since the new ones were coming out!  Now that I've seen the new ones I've got my #whoaface on and I can't wait to get them!

My sweet Luci was sick and fell asleep on Jonas. :)  He just laid there and they both napped!

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Artney Walker said...

Christi, I LOVE your recap!!! You got some really great pics! Wow, Dopey 2016--I'm so excited for you! I can't believe you got on the ride lol! I love it! You are such a sweet soul and an inspiration. I know your sweet boy is smiling down on you! You have no idea how happy I am that our paths crossed. Forever friends! :)


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