Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bring on the New Year!

So long 2015, and hello 2016! 

2015 had it's share of struggles, but it also was full of so many amazing memories! This year has brought so many true friendships into my life for the first time in a very long time, and I have running to thank for that!  I'm thankful to start off 2016 with people who don't judge, people who believe in me, who encourage my dreams, lift me up when I'm feeling down, and bring me so many laughs! 

In less than a week I will be kicking off January with 48.6 miles in Disney World!  Last January was my first Disney race where I finished my 2nd marathon, and this year I will be doing the Dopey challenge! So nervous, but so excited at the same time!  I can't wait to see all of my friends!  Running Disney for me is about the experience.  Granted, 48.6 miles is no joke and a huge accomplishment, but I'm really there for the enjoyment and also because of our love for Disney World!  It's our place, and has so many special memories!  I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather kick off the new year!

As far as resolutions go for 2016 I don't have any!  I don't do resolutions, simply because I feel they are too much pressure.  I do however have goals that I like to set, but I tend to keep those simple and within reach!

  • First of all, as a family, we have decided to invest more in experiences rather than stuff.  We have enough stuff!  I'm not a high maintenance girl.  I don't like to carry expensive handbags, or wear expensive jewelry.  It's just not me.  Never has been.  Although, the Garmin fenix 3 is pretty sharp and I'd love to sport that thing!  Our goal is to travel a little more and see and do more!  We want to visit friends and make memories!
  • I thought about setting some running time goals then I was like nah, maybe not.  If I PR good, if not, I'm ok with that too.  For me, to PR usually takes running alone and that's not always fun!  I want running to stay enjoyable to me and that means running with my friends!  I do have a goal to run more local races, as well as a few more destination races...hopefully I can get some friends on board!
  • Physically this year I want to focus more on gaining some muscle weight. Recently I've lost some weight and I'm starting to feel and look a little bony.  After Disney Marathon weekend I'm adding more days of strength training to my plan!  I don't need to lose any weight, just add some muscle.
  • Another goal is to be more conscience of what I'm eating.  I started out doing great while training for my last marathon.  I cleaned up my diet, dropped some weight, then began to really skimp on meals.  Then I dropped a little too much weight at once for my liking.  My goal is to simply eat good foods and to meal prep.
That seems simple enough for now!  I always add goals and challenges throughout the year, and I also have a few personal goals as well.  I'm sure I will share those when I meet them. :)  So what are your goals for 2016?  I'd love to hear them!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Dallas Marathon and a New PR!

Last Sunday I ran the Dallas Marathon!  I ran the half marathon last year, but wanted to tackle the full this year.  This race is important to me because it always falls around the anniversary of Colt's passing and I love to run it in memory of him!  This year I would tackle the full marathon in hopes of getting a PR.

I trained so hard for this race this time around!  Through the running community I've met some amazing people!  During training this go around I had the help of friend who is a super fast runner! Like 2:30 marathon fast!  Instead of just running what I wanted to, I listened.... I incorporated speed work, and tempo runs into my training.  Majority of the time, the weeks consisted of running 5 to 6 days a week.  The focus was also not always on the long run, but on the weekly runs as well.  I never realized how important speed work, tempo and easy paced runs were!  The difference this time was that I was training to run those last 6 miles... not the first 20!  And what a difference it made!

The last marathon I ran was the Disney marathon and I didn't run this race for time.  My first marathon was Cowtown in Fort Worth and my time there was 5:38.  I knew I could beat that time, but I still lacked a little confidence in myself.  I've been so afraid of this distance! 

The first half I was feeling great! We had a light rain falling, but it felt great!  Not winded at all!  Legs were feeling amazing!  I crossed the halfway point at 2:11, and I had so much left!  I was still nervous to push harder because I was scared of hitting that wall!  Mile 15 was a turn at White Rock lake and the wind and rain around the lake was brutal!  It slowed my pace a little, but I was still feeling really good! Spectators were very few around the lake and that really stinks when you start to struggle a little.  I hit mile 20 and was still pushing!  I was starting to feel some pain in the legs so I grabbed a jello shot from some spectators on the course!  Probably not the best idea, but it tasted really good! :)

I think all the hills were in the last half of the race!  I was so happy to be off that lake and headed toward the finish line!  Around mile 22 to 23, I began to have some awful cramps in my lower legs!  My toes in my right shoe were curling up.  I stopped and stretched/walked briefly to get them to stop.  At that point I realized I couldn't stop anymore.  It's so hard to start back up after a break at that point.  I pushed on to the finish line!  The crowd support was amazing, and gave me just what I needed to finish! 

My time at the finish was 4:34:58 and the distance on my Garmin was slightly over at 26.4 miles.  I had PR'd by over an hour!!  I was super excited! And so happy to be done!  Those last 6 miles are the toughest and I will say that Colt was on my mind the entire time.  Thinking of him helps me push through the pain and finish.  His pain was unimaginable.... remembering his strength gives me so much strength myself.  I always remain Colt Strong!

My fear of the marathon was lost that day.  I look forward to the next one! I had so much left at the end that I know I can beat that time.  I was a little disappointed in myself for holding back.  The more you run the more you learn! 

Next up is the Dopey Challenge at Disney World.  I won't be "racing" this one, but will instead be enjoying the experience and the fun times with friends! 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare

Over Labor Day weekend, my oldest daughter and I flew to California to run the Dumbo Double Dare.  The Disneyland half would also be my final leg of the Coast to Coast Challenge.  Disneyland parks are very small compared to Disney World so I wasn't exactly sure of what to expect, but I knew it would be amazing because it's Run Disney!

Bre and I flew in Friday.  After our flight and travel to Anaheim we didn't get into the park until around 4:30.  Our first stop was the expo to pick up our packets.  I think because I was so frazzled by the traveling and rushing I ran off and left the waivers in the hotel room.  Thankfully the expo provided a way to reprint those.  We didn't get a chance to look around the expo because we were meeting up with some friends downtown around 5:30.  Downtown Disney was our next stop.  Thankfully it was a short walk from the Expo.

My favorite part about running Disney races is I get to see some of my favorite people!  The meetup was huge and we met so many new people and were also able to reconnect with so many familiar faces!  I was so happy to see Artney!  I love our friendship!  She is truly amazing and such an inspiration to so many!  I love her to pieces and treasure our friendship!  I can't wait to see her again soon!  I was also able to see Jen, my super sweet friend who loves cupcakes!  Jen will always be special to me as well.  She was there for my first Disney marathon, and helped me finish #ColtStrong.  These ladies are lifelong friends I will always cherish!  I loved that they were also able to meet Bre!

After the meetup, Bre and I headed to Disneyland where we spent the evening shopping and riding rides.  After shutting down the park, we got a few hours of sleep before we were up at 3:15 and headed to the starting line.

The 10k had a villain theme, which I loved!  The entire raced kicked off with a villain start by the evil queen herself!  Running through the park, we ran into characters like Brer Bear and Brer Fox, Lots-O from Toy Story, Lady Tremaine, the evil queen, and several more!  This was the first leg of the challenge and also Breanna's first Disney race.  I think she fell in love with Run Disney at this point.  There is just no other race like Disney races.  The fact that they have the most amazing medals is a plus!

After the 10k we headed back to our hotel, we stayed at the Marriot Suites, and we ate an amazing buffet breakfast!  After breakfast we both crashed.  That afternoon we had a lunch date with Goofy at Goofy's kitchen.  It was also buffet and was soooo good!  I can never turn down Mickey waffles!

We spent the rest of the evening riding a few rides and doing more shopping!  I was so exhausted so we headed in early that evening.  As much as I wanted to shut the park down again, I couldn't do it.  The parks were super crowded with it being labor day weekend and race weekend.  The line just to get a drink was super long.  Bre and I headed back and I believe we were both asleep by 8:00.

3:15 came very early!  We were both pretty excited about the half marathon and were so ready to hold all those medals in our hands.  I think we were both just ready to be at the finish line!  The first 4 miles were inside the parks, and we stopped for the character photos, but my favorite part was running by the World of Color.  The fountains were going and all lit up and it was just beautiful!  Cars land was also a favorite!  On mile 5 we headed out into Anaheim.  Seeing the sunrise over the mountains was stunning!  The streets of Anaheim were lined with bands, cheerleaders, dancers, and probably every antique, fast, hot rod car ever made! Seriously, the cars went on forever.  Another favorite of mine was running through Angels stadium.  I'm such a baseball fan, and I knew they were playing the Texas Rangers that afternoon and was hoping to catch a glimpse of my favorite guys but no such luck!  It was still amazing and the stands were packed with cheering spectators which made it even that much more amazing!  After leaving the stadium we were in the final 5k of the race.  The cheering gave us that boost of energy we needed to finish strong!

Then there was the finish line!  Bre and I had just finished our first Disney Challenge together.  We were so excited about the experience and so excited that we were done!  It was now time to gather our bags and head home to Texas. :)

The trip itself was so quick and I often felt extremely rushed and tired. The Disneyland half course was by far the best half I've ever ran!  The course was absolutely amazing!  I loved getting to run through Anaheim.  It was an amazing, unique experience.  I think I was just so exhausted.  The travel issues we had, from waiting on buses, trying to figure out how to get around, delayed flights, the crowded park, rushing through the expo,  and forgetting my waivers, just seem to overwhelm me a little and I don't feel like I was able to enjoy myself as much as I had anticipated. I believe I was a nervous wreck the entire weekend!  Disneyland was beautiful though.  I would love to go back and visit during a less crowded time when I can actually soak it all in.  So, I'm definitely seeing another Coast to Coast in the future!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Review!

What if I told you that you could get all of your essential amino acids in a tiny seed?!  You seriously can!  I was fortunate enough to get to review and sample Manitoba Harvest's Hemp Hearts!  They are tiny, raw, hulled hemp seeds, but the things are a powerhouse!  They actually contain 18 grams of protein, and 10 grams of Omega-3, and Omega 6 fatty acids in each serving!  Being in the fitness business I am aware of how important protein is to my diet.  Considering our bodies don't store protein it's so important to make sure we consume the right amounts each day. Hemp hearts are an amazing vegetarian option for protein that is also so easily digested!  Their nutritional value is stellar!

There are a ton of amazing recipes on their website, but I chose to keep things fairly simple with my sample.  I used them in my salads daily at lunch.  I also used them in my yogurt, and cereal.  They are actually so delicious that I could just eat them plain!  

For more reasons why you will love hemp hearts click here!

I really suggest giving these a try!  I'm completely hooked!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My son

What a huge responsibility it is to raise a boy.  We are raising a little man that will someday have a wife, and children that he will need to respect, adore, cherish and love with all he has.  Are we showing him how to be a team?  Are we showing him how to love, respect, and protect, even during our trials and struggles?  Can you see, Luke, how your Daddy respects and protects us?  How he still after almost 2 decades of marriage loves me with everything he has?

Guard your heart son.  Guard your mind.  Always put your family first.  Be a leader and don't let anyone tell you different.  Don't let this world strip you of your manhood.  Don't let it transform you, and cause you to be anything less than what God has intended for you.

I know you aren't mine.  You are HIS, and HE lent you to me, to us, and HE expects great things from your Daddy and I.  It was such a surprise to us when we found out we were pregnant with you.  Your brother, Colt, was so sick and we thought...God, what are you doing?  Who knew you were just what we were going to need to get through his illness, his death.  Who knew you were just what Colt needed to continue the fight.  An amazing little brother to love and cherish always.  You had the best brother.  I wish I could've seen you two as adults together.  I can promise you he would've always been by your side and would never hurt you.  Brothers don't do that.  You may not know it, but you were just what Bre needed too.  And look at you now, our little man of the house!

Life can be so hard.  You will see things that will change you forever, but don't let those things change your heart, or alter your faith.  Don't ever sit still and don't ever sit quiet!  Get dirty, be noisy!  Don't be afraid to make a mess, or push the limits!  Be a boy!

I pray you turn out just like your Daddy.  The example he has set for you....follow it!  Do you have any idea how blessed you are to have him as an example?  :)  I, as your mother, breathe a little easier knowing I have an amazing man by my side raising you.

Also, remember that we will not always do it the right way, we will fail you....but HE will not.  All the battles, the trials, the tests...they will make you stronger.  When you're home, look around.  The people in this room, they are the ones that are the most important.  Love well my son... And always be ColtStrong

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

#LoveBulu : Bulu Box Goodness

As a Sweat Pink ambassador,  I was so excited to get to sample this months Bulu Box!  I am such a sucker for anything that has to do with health and wellness, and this little box was full of great products to try!  Each subscriber of Bulu Box gets to sample 4-5 snack, vitamin and supplement samples from some of the top wellness brands.  The best part is, it is shipped right to your doorstep!  I also loved the little box it came in!  Lots of motivation and encouragement right on the box! 

So what was inside my Bulu Box this month?  Pure guilt-free yumminess!

My box included:
  •  Quest Protein Powder- This was my favorite product inside. If you love Quest bars, then you will love this product!  I'm also a lover of protein shakes, protein balls, protein cookies, protein pancakes, and protein!  When you throw peanut butter flavor in there, you can never go wrong!  Quest Protein Powder contains 23g of protein per serving with NO added sugar.  It's also gluten free, if that's your thing. Each serving contains less than 1g of sugar. I mixed the powder with Almond/ Coconut milk and that's all she wrote.  Super Yummy!

  • Move it energy gummies - Sadly these were melted into a nice little blob after sitting in my mailbox on a hot, Texas, summer day.  I did cut off a sample to try during my 14 mile long run and they tasted great and I love that they are packed with great ingredients to fuel your body. 

  • Yerba Prima Fiber Plus Powder - I thought this was a great product too.  It contains 9 grams of
    fiber per serving; 0 grams of sugar per serving; 15 calories per
    serving.  I mixed this into a glass of apple juice and it was wonderful!  It gives you great gastrointestinal relief, and with the added Senna also offers some natural cleansing which is a win win in my book!

  • Mediterra Nutritional Bars - This was actually my least favorite item.  I tried it but just didn't love this flavor.  I did love the fact that the Mediterra bars  provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  There are yogurt and oats flavors that may be more my cup of tea that I will definitely give a try!
  • Anit-itch cream by Earth's Care - This was a great hit in our household.  Everything is bigger in Texas, even mosquito! I tried this product on a few of the kids bites and it seemed to be great for the itching!  I love that it's a natural product and one that I will definitely keep around!
So, overall the Bulu Box was a great hit in our house!  If you're wanting to sample a variety of health and wellness products to help decide what is right for, then this is the way to go!  Also, if you use the code SWEATPINK at checkout, you can receive 50% off a 3 month subscription!  I say Go For It!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Disney Social Media Moms On the Road : Counting Down

The Disney excitement continues for me!  In a little over a week I will be headed to Austin to the Disney Social Media Moms On the Road Celebration!  I am super excited, but also a little nervous.  This is my first conference and I'm not exactly sure what to expect but I am thrilled to have been invited!  I know that anything that involves Disney will be nothing short of amazing!
I have followed the celebration from home for many years and have always just been in awe of the event!  Even following from home you can be just completely empowered and learn so much from the others attending.  This time I get to be there and hear from an awesome lineup of great speakers!  I also can not wait to meet other bloggers and entrepreneurs who share the same passions and interests as myself. 
Now the countdown is on!  I've designed and purchased business cards, shopped for new clothes, and spent many sleepless nights getting prepared!  I can't wait to get on the road!  See ya real soon!

Monday, July 20, 2015

My Disney Bucketlist

If you love Disney the way I do, you surely have a Disney bucket list tucked away somewhere.  I'm going to share a little of mine with you today.  Some things I've already checked off and some I haven't, and with Disney always expanding my list keeps getting longer!  Also, with my upcoming trip to Disneyland coming up in September, I hope to check a few things off of my list!  I am also planning two upcoming trips to Disney World!  Marathon weekend is coming up in January and we're also booking a family vacation for next summer!  

  1. Meet Mickey Mouse of course! You can't go to Disney without meeting the mouse that started it all!
  2. Meet Minnie Mouse 
  3. Sit on Walt's Bench
  4. Ride all the Mountains!
  5. Eat a dole whip (I can't get enough of these)
  6. Dine with characters ( We do this every trip!  It's the best way to get quality character time with some of your favorites)
  7. Stay at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort
  8. Eat an entire turkey leg ( if you've not tried the turkey legs in Disney then you are missing out!)
  9. Visit all the "Worlds" in Epcot
  10. Ride the Main Street Trolley
  11. Meet the characters from Toy Story
  12. Max out the score on Buzz light year's space ranger spin! (My daughter has actually done this!)
  13. Run the Dopey Challenge
  14. Run a race in Disneyland
  15. See World of Color
  16. Eat some pizza at Pizza Planet
  17. Visit all of the Water Parks
  18. Take the backstage tours at Walt Disney World
  19. Go on a Disney Cruise
  20. Earn a Disney Coast to Coast medal
  21. Finish a kitchen sink ;)
  22. Attend a wedding at Disney World
  23. Eat the "grey stuff" at Be Our Guest Restaurant

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Running Safe in the Summer

What are you doing this summer to stay cool and hydrated while running?  We are well into July and the summer heat is reaching 100 degrees here in Texas.  The thick humidity can also make summer running miserable!  If you want to keep training through the summer here are a few tips that have helped me continue the training!

    • Drink water all day, not just before or after your run. Staying hydrated also helps prevent some of the symptoms you may experience from exercising in heat such as dizziness, stomach cramps, and headaches. During your run, make sure you are taking regular water breaks at least every 15 to 20 minutes.
    • Exercise during the cooler times of the day.  I'm not a morning person so my favorite time of day is the evening.  Lately I've been waiting until around 8:00 to head out.  That is just about the time the sun begins to go down and the town is shady!  If you can't run that late, hit the pavement bright and early.

    • Run where it's cooler.  When we lived down south, my favorite place to run long runs was ocean drive.  Running with the breeze of the beach is amazing.  Another great place is trails.  Several of my friends have taken to trail running this summer.  Their pictures make me so jealous!  If we had some good trails nearby...that's where I'd be!

    • Slow your pace.  Slowing your pace is a wise choice when running in the heat.  It's also ok, to run intervals of running and walking to prevent overheating!  My pace on hot days is usually 30 seconds to 1 minute slower.

    • Try some cooler means of cardio.  I haven't done this yet, but I just found out about water zumba and water boot camp that is local and I'm considering giving that a try as the temperatures keep rising!

    • Go for the indoors.  My final resort is to head indoors for exercise.  You can get a membership at your local gym or exercise in the comforts of your own home.  Considering I have little ones at home, my home is the best choice for me!  I don't dread the treadmill!  I actually enjoy running on it! 
    Hopefully you aren't letting the summer heat keep you on the couch!  Don't slack in your training!  Race season is sneaking up on us!  Stay focused and on track with your workouts.  Loosing what you've worked hard for is so easy, but getting it back is not! 

    If you have anymore tips for running or exercising in the summer heat... Please share!

    Monday, July 13, 2015

    Marathon Weekend Planning!

    So this happened this morning!  This weekend I began booking our trip to Disney for Marathon Weekend and I just couldn't leave my sweet Luci home again.  Our last family trip to Disney was in 2011 for her first birthday, which she no memory of!  She was begging to go with us and of course her Daddy and I couldn't tell her no.  The other kids will be in school and can't miss that week.  We talked it over with them and they all agreed Luci should go and run and they were also very excited for her. 

    Luci will be running the 200m Dash on Thursday morning.  I'll be doing the 5k bright and early followed by a good breakfast, then we'll head to the ESPN Wide World of Sports to watch Luci earn her very first Disney medal! 

    I'm very excited to get to spend the week with her at our favorite place!  When you have a family as large as ours it's hard to get that one on one time with each child that they deserve.  She has no idea how much fun she's going to have.  I went ahead and booked us the dining plan and have started booking character meals just for her! It's going to be a busy week, but we plan to fit it some special park time and fun time for her as well!  I'm super excited

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    Wednesday, May 13, 2015

    Our RunDisney Happenings!

    We are well into our last month of school finally and the days and nights have been busy!  After taking a week off from running, I am now back at it this week!  two weekends ago I was moving a table in the backyard, with flip flops on, and the bottom of the table pulled my toenail up.  Half of the toenail on my big toe is now detached and very painful to say the least.  I couldn't wear tennis shoe's for days.  This week it's feeling much better.  It's tender to touch and will bleed a small amount after a run but taking off another week is just out of the question.  I didn't realize how much running has affected my moods, and my physical body on a daily basis.  During the time off I was extremely tired and groggy in the afternoons.  I'm so glad to be back at it this week.

    On a magical note, Bre and I are counting down the days until our first trip to Disneyland!  She and I will be heading to run the Dumbo Double Dare and having an awesome Mother/Daughter weekend by ourselves.  Joey has decided to stay back with kids.  We've decided that dragging them to a race-cation wouldn't be the ideal trip for them so we've planned a vacation with the kids to head to Disney World instead.  I am planning for them to join me for a marathon weekend sometime in the future.  Most likely 2017 when Bre is able to run the marathon and join me for the Dopey Challenge.  For the 2016 Dopey it will just be Joey and I and I'm already looking forward to it!  Our trip to Disney alone was just amazing and I honestly have no desire to go anywhere else.  Disney is just our thing, and we are all ok with that!

    Bre and I started our training for Dumbo on May 1st.  My training is a little more advanced so I do add some extra days, and extra miles to mine, but for the most part Bre is getting in 2 training days during the week and a long run on the weekend.  Later she'll add another run on the weekend also.  It's going great and she is doing great!  I'm sure she gets tired of me pushing her at times, but I know her potential and what she's capable of.  When she gets tired and doubtful is when she needs to push a little harder.  She often will, but there are honestly times when she's ready to quit and I don't let her. :) I have to remind her that she is COLTSTRONG!  We push through the pain, the aches, the tiredness and we finish the race.   Bless....What would she do without me?  I frustrate her, we argue, she gets mad, but she's not quitter!  I'm hoping she will run this race and fall in love with these Disney races just like I have!  The thought of her crossing the finish line of her first Disney race excites me and even makes me a little tearful to think about.  I can't wait to see her!  It really will be a special weekend for us!

    So to kick off our training for Bre's first Disney Challenge Race here is my beautiful princess all dressed up for her very first Prom! I did try to get her to go with a Cinderalla gown but she didn't go for it!  Does she not make a beautiful princess?

    Monday, April 6, 2015

    Meal Prepping has Begun!

    And so it begins!  I have been wanting to meal prep for so long but it always looked so time consuming, messy, and to simply put it....I was lazy.  So after reading an awesome blog post over at My Pretty Brown, I had to text Artney to get the low down on where to start!  Check out her post and her amazing blog!  Artney and I met at Disney when we both ran our first Disney Marathon!  To say she is amazing is an understatement.  I adore her and our friendship! 

    First of all, she introduced me to Aldi.  You can get great deals there! If you have one in your area, you must shop there!  I also found some bulk items at Costco.  I had intentions of cooking more meat to prepare meals for Joey and myself but he's been battling a severe stomach virus and wasn't sure he'd be able to eat much, so this week I just prepared for myself. 

    I started with the vegetables.  As a child I always thought brussel sprouts and asparagus were dis.gus.ting.  I thought the same thing about most vegetables, including Avocados which I am now addicted to. 

    So to begin... I washed and cut up the vegetables and put them on the pan.  Be sure to put foil over your pan....less to clean up!  Then I brushed them with olive oil and a garlic and sea salt seasoning.  I placed them in the oven on 375 until they were cooked enough for my liking.  I like them a little crispy.  They turned out deliciously amazing!!!

    My beautiful daughter was my helper for the day, and she helped prepare turkey meatballs!  I had big plans to grill some chicken and salmon also, but my sickly husband and Easter plans limited my time last night!  For the turkey balls, Bre chopped up green bell peppers, and I also added some chopped asparagus to them.  I used 2 lbs of turkey meat, 4 eggs, 1 whole bell pepper, a small bundle of asparagus ( approximately 4), chopped onion and seasoning.  Very simple.  I found several recipes on Pinterest and just tweaked them to what I liked.  I cooked them on 375 for approximately 20 minutes.  This made plenty of protein for me as well as some to put back for dinner.  We even snacked on a few and they were a hit!  I used a kitchen scale to measure ounces and packed around 3-4 ounces of protein in each lunch.

    Sorry my recipes seem a little unorganized and I didn't take enough pictures!!  I feel like my grandmother who just throws in a little of this and a little of that sometimes!  She owned her own cafe which was very popular in our little town before she retired, and it always worked out well for her! ;)

    I can't forget the eggs!  I'm a lover of boiled eggs.  They make a great snack!  Some days I will pack these for lunch instead of chicken or fish. 

    I am a newby at this and I am very excited to learn more!  Please share any ideas you have via email or in the comments!! I can't wait to try new things!!

    Thursday, March 26, 2015

    Rock 'N' Roll Dallas Half Marathon

    Well, I did it!  I finished my 3rd official half marathon!  This had to be one of the funnest races ever!

    All of us girls had gotten a room together at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Dallas.  That is actually the way to do it!  We were walking distance from the starting line.  There was no rush or panic to find parking on race day!

    We set out Saturday and headed to the expo at the convention center.  Parking was a little crazy there and pricey.  We were hoping we followed all the rules and didn't come out with our tires locked!  It was a pretty great expo full of great vendors and free samples!  The Rock N Roll official race gear was super cute.  I could've bought one of everything!  There were several places for some awesome photos to be taken as well! 

    My favorite part was getting to view all of the medals for the Rock N Roll tour!  It really makes me want the tour pass next year!  I want to run them all!

    After the expo, we checked into our hotel and headed out for some carb loading at a nearby TGI Friday's!  Then enjoyed a rainy walk back to our hotel!  Thanks for the bad advice weather app! It's not going to rain they won't need your jacket they say.  Wrong!

    At the hotel we enjoyed numerous elevator rides with great scenery, a lot of laughter, cappuccino, and some sweets to boot!
    Flat Christi is ready for the race!
    Race morning we walked to the start.  It was a little chilly so we were able to wait inside the train station and keep warm, and make one more bathroom stop before we ran! 

    Corral 9 was where it all began!  For three of my friends, this was their first half!  I had done several of my long runs with them so I knew they were ready.  I was ready to pace them for a 2:30 finish.  This was a pace a little faster than their long runs had been, but I knew they all had it in them.

    I had planned to average about an 11:27 pace for them.  We actually kept a quicker pace of around 11:00 for about the first 5 to 6 miles.  At around mile 5 we took our first GU for fuel.  After the first fuel, a couple of tummy's began to rumble so they decided a bathroom break was necessary.  Then around mile 9 to 10, another rumble.  If you've ever experienced an upset stomach during a race, you know that once it hits it doesn't really go away.  Thankfully, there were plenty of restrooms along the course in case of an emergency!

    As I was waiting for them at mile 9, I check my phone and my girl Jilly had finished with a personal best of 1:57!! She's been my training partner and friend since my first marathon, and this was her day to PR!  All of our speedwork had paid off big time!!  It goes to show that when you train fast, you run fast!  We will continue to train and I plan to hopefully get a PR this year as well!

    Now back to the race....I thankfully had no issues and just took an extra water break while we waited.  After mile nine we were able to continue on with no problems.  At times I felt like a slave driver but I wanted them to be super proud of their time, and I knew they would be disappointed if we missed our time goal.

    I don't run for time in every race because I love to make running fun.  I love to stop and take selfies and just soak in the experience.  Since this was their first one, I wanted to get them the best time they could so we didn't make any stops for pictures along the course!  Other than the bathroom stops, these girls pushed hard!  Tummy aches and all!  I was so proud to be running beside them, and getting to witness their excitement at the finish was priceless!

    I thought the course was great!  I loved the bridges most of all!  There were some steep hills that were tough around mile 10 and 12 but we pushed and never stopped!  They never walked a step unless we were getting a drink.  We just had not mastered the whole drink and run thing yet.  I tend to spill and choke instead!  There were great bands along the course as well.  I would've liked to have seen more though.  There were a few dead spots where we needed some music!

    We ended up finishing in 2:40.  By my watch, had we not stopped at the restrooms we would have finished at 2:31.  It was still a great race!  We laughed, we cried, and we had a blast for 13.1 unforgettable miles! 
    My favorite spot on the course!

    The bling!!!

    Monday, March 9, 2015

    Hot Chocolate 15K Recap

    The Dallas Hot Chocolate 15k was my first official race at that distance.  What got me excited about this one was the shiny, chocolate bar medal!

    We knew this race was going to be fairly crowded so we left out that morning around 6am to be there and ready for an 8:30 start.  We got there way ahead of time.  The temperature that morning was in the 40s, but with the wind chill it felt like the 30s so we were able to keep warm indoors before heading to the start line.

    The 5k was first, and due to the heavy traffic they were nice enough to delay the start for those having trouble getting to the race.  Our race was around 15 minutes behind the original start time.  We kept warm by being our normal goofy selves in the corral.   

    The course to me seemed really difficult.  You wouldn't think there would be that many hills when running in Dallas, TX but I think this one found every hill imaginable!  I remember specifically a really steep incline around mile 5. At times, the downhill was also so steep it was hard on the legs as well.

    As we topped the hill at mile 5 we noticed some spectators had a whiskey station set up and they were pouring shots!  We passed by briefly, then ended up giving into the fun and downing one.  To say it burned is an understatement.  I think that shot burned my stomach for the next 2 miles!  This girl does not drink whiskey, and I kept thinking, what in the world did I just do?  It does make for a funny story though!

    The course also had some great spectators toward the end followed by a warm cup of hot chocolate and lots of sweets!

    I'm not real big on sweets, so all the chocolate was a bit too much for my tummy to handle. Now if they had been handing out cadbury eggs, we may have to talk.  (#sorrynotsorry, Easter candy on the brain)  On the way home we opted for some fuzzy tacos instead!

    All in all I was pretty satisfied with the results considering the cold, the wind, and the hilly course.  The medal is definitely sweet, but most importantly we had a great time! 


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