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Dallas MetroPCS Half Marathon Recap

 December 14, 2014

I can't say enough how much I loved this race.  This was only my 2nd "official" half marathon.  My first was the Illuminations Half in San Antonio almost 1 year before this one.  My time in Illuminations was 2:21:00.  I went into this race with a different attitude though.  I wasn't there to get a great time.  I hadn't even thought about getting a PR.  We had just decided to run the race, have a great time, and honor Colt while doing so.  I wanted this day to just be a fun day for me and J, my running buddy.  I had a couple of other friends who were doing the full and we planned to run the first 9 miles with them at their marathon pace.  The race split around mile 9 so we then would be heading toward the finish line.  

J and I got up and headed to Dallas around 4am.  We did this to get a great parking spot so we didn't have to walk miles to get to the starting line.  We ended up in the convention center, right near the restroom! Score! 

It was pretty chilly when we headed toward our corral, and we had around an hour wait before the corrals closed.  We probably should've just waited in the car a little longer but I think we were both excited and anxious to see what was going on at the starting lines. We sat next to this poor guy and couldn't help but laugh.  He was practically inside his shirt.
As soon as they opened the corral J and I made our way to the front of it where people running our same pace would be.  Our other two friends also found us and made their way up.  I was honored to see that their families had made signs to honor our sweet Colt on this special day.  Holding back the tears we waited on the start.  When the fireworks went off we were so excited!  We all 4 pretty much stayed together for the first 9 miles as planned.  We were running around a 10:30 pace.  It was a first marathon for a friend and that was her goal pace.  We talked and laughed and people watched and just had a great time running!  Around mile 7 we ran into another runner who was working at one of the water stations.  She joined us until the split at mile 9 and by then we had sped up to around a 10:00 minute pace.  She encouraged J and I to pick up the pace and we could easily have a PR, so hey why not!  We hit mile 11 still feeling great and I had not realized we were running around a 9:00 pace.  At mile 13 we were so excited.  The finish line was in sight and though we would've loved to run a 2:00 half marathon we hit 13.1 at around 2:14.  Our finish time was actually 2:16:08 at 13.33 miles.  Running the tangents was a little difficult due to the crowd in our corral.

We were so excited! We had done it!  We set a new PR that we hadn't planned on.  There was no wall to hit.  No soreness when it was over.  We honored Colt and had a great race! I definitely plan on doing this race again!  I absolutely love this distance as well, and plan on doing a lot more races in 2015!

Kicking off the New Year with a Marathon!  Next stop is the Walt Disney World Marathon!!!

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