Saturday, January 31, 2015

Walt Disney World Marathon: Part 2, The Expo

My magic journey began the moment I stepped off of that plane and headed to Disney's Magical Express.  Joey and I arrived at Disney World Thursday morning.  This trip we stayed at Coronado Springs Resort in a preferred room and we loved it!  After getting checked in we headed to get some lunch.  I've never had a bad meal at Disney, and this girl loves to eat!  It was amazing to say the least.  After eating we hopped on the bus headed to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex for the expo and packet pick up. 

Disney's expo was the expo of all expos!  Joey even enjoyed it, and was amazed at all the gear created for runners. They had everything you could imagine!  I pretty much had a mental list of all the things I wanted to purchase including t-shirts, shoes, and of course the official Run Disney merchandise. I'm always real hesitant when it comes to shopping for myself!  I don't know why spending money on myself is so difficult.  Joey had to convince me to make the purchases I did.. crazy? I know.  I even purchased a pair of Hokas and I ran the marathon in them! I would normally never run a marathon in a pair of shoes that I just purchased.  They were amazing, but that's another post!

One of my favorite moments at the expo was meeting Jeff Galloway.  He's so personable and fun.  We had a little conversation about the marathon and he reminded to save my energy for the first half so I have enough left for the last half.  This race was huge for me so I soaked up every word of advice he gave.  This was his 22nd time to run it ya know!  Not to mention I was going into this solo.  Thinking about running this alone made me so nervous for some reason.  Little did I know how amazing it would turn out to be!

We ended up making a couple of trips to the expo. We just couldn't get enough!  I was able to get me a pair of the New Balance RunDisney shoes, which I'm so in love with!  :)  I also laid my eyes and hands on this year medal for the first time, and was able to see all the other race medals which just got me excited to run more Disney races.  Just being at the expo was making me so excited.  I knew the marathon was going to be much more than I had ever imagined.

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Artney said...

runDisney has the best expos and you gotta love Jeff Galloway! You got a lot of cute stuff too. Glad you like your Hokas! I love the new runDisney New Balance. I ended up with the Goofy's as a post-marathon gift since I wanted them last year. Hopefully, the new ones will be available during Disneyland weekend! Fun times!


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