Wednesday, March 4, 2015

On the road to NYC

 Yesterday morning to my surprise I found out I was accepted into the TCS New York City Marathon!  This was my first year to apply so I wasn't sure exactly how the draw was even done.  I had noticed a charge from my bank account was sent to me by email.  I get email alerts when charges are made above a certain amount.  I logged into my bank account and low and behold the charge was from New York City Road Runners.  

I had been texting my friend Kristin that morning waiting to hear that she had gotten in.  I was actually not expecting to get drawn at all!  I told her about the charge and she informed me that it meant that I was in!  To say I was shocked was an understatement.  I just kept thinking that there must be some mistake!  I hadn't gotten an email and my status on the website still said "In Drawing."  I then got word of tweet by the marathon that if you had a credit card charge that it meant you were in!  I honestly still couldn't believe what I was reading.

I began to feel excited, but also disappointed because several people that I knew had still not heard anything.  Going into this solo was freaking me out, and still is!!  

I received my official email around 5:00 last night so it's now starting to sink in that this is really happening!  Many many thanks to Kristin!  Had it not been for her telling me to apply this would not be happening.  Me running the New York City Marathon.... who would've thought?  

I also want to say thank you to Brittney from Main Street Memories!  She gave me the low down last night and I was able to get my hotel booked this morning!! I'm so thankful to have her!  She ran the marathon last year and has calmed my nerves and helped me get started with all my trip planning.  If you are wanting to book a trip to Disney I can't stress enough how amazing she is!! 

Does this sound like an Academy Award speech or what? I apologize!  I just can't do this without giving credit where credit is due!  I've had so many encouragers along the way, and so many unexpected friendships helping me reach some amazing dreams!  I can't leave out the most important One...Jesus Christ.  He gives me the courage to live the best life I can, to get out of bed every morning to face my fears, and to rise up with boldness to take leaps of faith!!  So here we go folks!! I'm on the road to NYC!  Let the training resume!

Love you all!!

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